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Thistleold hand
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I heard this lovely story on the radio this morning and I wanted to share it.

In africa there was a woman who's job it was to walk the three mile round trip to the water hole to fetch water every day. She had two pots to carry the water back to her village which she carried over her shoulders with a yoke. One of the pots was in excellent condition but the othe had a crack running down the side causing it to leak slowly.

One day, after years of leaking, the cracked pot said to her, "Stop! every day you carry me back to the village and by the time you get there I am half empty. Why don't you throw me out and get yourself a new pot to carry water in?"

The woman replied, "Have you ever noticed on the side of the path that I carry you on there are many beautiful flowers? Well, I planted seeds there and over time you have watered them, providing flowers for my table and something of beauty for all on their trek to the water hole for many years."

The moral of this story is that we all know a 'cracked pot' and they all have somthing to beautiful to give even if they are not aware of it. So cherish the 'cracked pots' in your life.

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flowingchaliceBRONZE Member
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Thank you Thistle

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So instead of using half a pot of water daily to give to her malnurished dieing family to drink and use on a vegetable garden she would rather waste it on flowers?

Flower power doesn't actually do anything.

Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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heheh a parable with a punchline! if all parables were this funy, i'd probably be religious.
astar, every pot dies, but not every pot truly cracks.
Thistle, thanks muchly for a lovely vindication of crackpotism.
crackpots of the world, untie!

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so she got 3 miles of flowers in africa with only half a pot of water every day - very impressive

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Oh, come now Bender, the pareable of the wheat and the tares, thats classic. Funnier than Bill Hicks.

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