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Dio 729 posts
Location: OK, USA

I've noticed, being an active member of a couple different fire troupes, that whenever I am around one or the other I tend to pick up certain stylistic tendencies that reflect the group I'm with at the time. ("Time" usually revolves around school sessions or vacations)

For example, one group I spin with is very high-intensity, speedy and technical. The other tends more towards fluidity, grace and form over technique. One is into electronic music, the other is into drum circles. One specializes in poi, the other encourages learning as many toys as possible... When I'm spinning with them I tend to lean towards their styles despite the fact that I already know roughly all the same moves.

Does this mean I have no style of my own and try to imitate that of others, or am I just fitting in, in a sense? Does anyone else notice their spinning style change depending on the crowd they're with at the time?

Either way, it's very valuable to me to have differing styles like that, because I'm able to switch from fast n furious one moment to slow and fluid the next.

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colemanSILVER Member
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"if i am who i am because of who i am
and you are who you are because of who you are
then i am who i am and you are who you are
if i am who i am because of who you are
and you are who you are because of who i am
then i am not who i am and you are not who you are"

it doesn't apply too much here but i like the quote.

imho, the more styles the better. now mix the techy stuff with the form heavy style and you too can be dom!

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PsyriSILVER Member
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Hey I wouldnt worry about it... you've got clubs, buddies or workshops to do it with/at... I aint...
If anyone is near or in West Yorkshire I'd b chuffed enuf to let them show me some new moves or just show off.
Be yourself... look at it this way, I'm the only person in my college who does it and I get a few taunts... just wait till I get some fire poi! Mwuh ha ha ha!

Jello 646 posts
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Oh no, I spin with no one, does that make me a nobody??!!

Once a week I hang out with jugglers. I wouldn't say I spin with them, more next to them, they just juggle.

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I am a no one

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PeleBRONZE Member
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Posted: much spinning do you do on your own away from the groups? I think that being with a specific group or going from one to the other without any alone time can very much influence the way we create.
However, this is not bad, as you are exposed to so much wonderful energy and styles that it simply means it makes it hard to inwardly focus on yourself when you want to share with everyone else! There is no problem there my friend, and in fact, I think you are very lucky to be exposed to so much positivity.
If it really bothers you, schedule some alone spinny time and do what you want to the music you like with what tools you feel like using. After a few of these sessions you will see that even perhaps your personal style shifts depending on mood, music etc....Just keep in mind that personal style can take years to really show itself, and it can go through many incarnations in the meantime.
In the end as long as you are having fun and enjoying what you are doing and who you are doing it with, all is right in your world!

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FlyntSILVER Member
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what an interesting concept...

Dio, if spinning with both groups allows you to be a spinner who can vary speed, tempo, music, toys and fluidity.... then thats your style! How lucky are you!

style can be dependant on the type of music/beat you are spinning to. I find i spin differently to Trance/tech than i do to drums, but thats only because my feet want to do different things....

Soak it all up, then go and put your fave music on, spin by yourself, and you'll see the sort of spinner you are! xoxoxo

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JaedenGOLD Member
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Location: Edmonton, Canada

I did notice that when I was still learning my own style would be heavily influenced by anyone I was watching/spinning with at that time.

As of today I have spent many hundreds of hours spinning on my own and seem to have developed a style more of my own. It remains mostly constand regardless of who I spin with. At the same time, if I see someone doing something I like I will immitate them, style and all.

If you spin to how you feel, to how the music moves you, then you've got your own style. Being able to switch such as you do just shows your diversity

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Dio 729 posts
Location: OK, USA

Yeah this isn't some big worry on my part, I just noticed the other day that I'm starting to pick up a few of Santana's tendencies

Really though I do feel like exposure to dramatically different styles has been to my benefit. Thanks everyone for your input! And I will probably start scheduling some spin alone time in the future, especially with summer approaching.

What hits the fan is not evenly distributed.

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I've noticed that about many spinners too. I think I try to rebel against that. Everyone around me went long chain, so I went short. Everyone around me seems to be going large wick, I'm sticking with small (or modest)...

I definitely dont have the same style as my posse on most things but do pick and choose what I want to adopt from them.

I will say that I spin like a HoPper. Even though we do all have radically different styles I think that learning from this site gives a common "fire spinning style" that is obvious.

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JaedenGOLD Member
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This site has a similar spinning style? I've never met another HOP'er in person so I realy don't know. That would be neat though. I think...

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9,232 posts
Location: NYC, NY, USA

I do think that there are some underlying HoP tendancies for those who've been greatly influence or learned through the site.

Obviously we've all got pretty distinct styles, some of us radically different, but I think there is an underlying logic to learning through HoP and HoP people. Obviously there are exceptions.

For example, even just mentally baseing moves on either butterfly style or weave style, which most of us do, puts us in a mind frame that is very different from, lets say a traditional maori spinner. Also, the fact that we know that every move can be done forwards, backwards, left, right, and all variations behind the back is a philosophy that affects our spinning.

It's a generalization, but I think it's a fair one.

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Cassandra 4,224 posts
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I think this is avery interesting question and being able to adapt top different styles is a great chance, not a burden... be a chameleon and enjoy teh change as long as you know you are doing so...

i find too many of us get trapped in the same patterns and it is hard to get rid of routines and habits ... always good to challenge them and learn more

I agree with NYC on the keeping it your way too on the otehr hand, but the same move looks completely different if I do it or NYC do it, that is what differenciate our styles ...

eerrr... would have loved to post more on that but gotta run for now..

good one, Dio

shine on

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Wintermute 119 posts
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I've found this to be true, but as long as you don't get bogged down by one groups style perhaps you can be the style blender, try to bring the differences you have seen to the other groups, perhaps they'll really appreciate it, you never know.

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