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Location: AZ, USA

I am just curios to know how all of ya feel whan you are "playing with fire" and why you do it in the first place.

Do you feel ?
Do you feel ?
Do you feel ?
Do you feel ?
Do you feel ?


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Mistress AuroraHot Schtuff
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I feel
I feel
I feel

I feel alive!!!!!(Wish there was a graemlin for "alive") weeeeeeeee!!!!!

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DioHoP Mechanical Engineer
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Location: OK, USA

I feel like I'm the center of the circle, and everything is bent towards me, intently observing my flowing movements and peering into the depths of my soul to see me for who I really am... that's when I'm really into it.

When I'm just playing, I feel more a sense of enthusiasm and adrenaline spiked with cautious awareness of the danger inherent in the fire.

What hits the fan is not evenly distributed.

PukSILVER Member
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Depends on my mood . Cause it can bring out so many emoitions it isn't funny .

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