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ShawnF 162 posts
Location: Springfield, MA - USA

Woohoo! I actually won this month's draw for Poi Equipment. Been entering in it for quite a long time now, so it is neat that it finally worked out. I'm so happy!

Now my problem is trying to figure out what to spend the $100 on... Right now I have a pair of Zuni, but I can see the material starting to pull on them, and I need to retie the string. I also have some Sock Poi... Mom's interested in Poi, so getting two new sets is probably a good thing. I am somewhat intermediate... I can do normal btb weave and the 5-beat weave, some wraps, but there is still a lot of stuff I don't know.

Here is some stuff I was thinking of getting... any thoughts?

Buzz Poi - These look nice... seems like they'd be soft and I like that the tails come off...

Beginner / Ultimate Poi (if I remember right, the difference is colors and strength of material right?) - Seems like they look good and are well made. Any thoughts on these versus Buzz poi?

Was looking at the Poi Spinning book. I have the Ball Juggling book by the same publisher and it is realy impressive. Does this have a lot of tricks? Any intermediate/advanced stuff? How many?

What about the World of Poi one? The stuff about musical-like notation seems like it could be fairly interesting.

Was also considering the two DVDs. The Art of Poi / Col2, and the Art of Staff / Sage. Any opinions on these? Seems like they are a good deal... I can probably do most of what is in Art of Poi, but Col2 is probably good. I have an interest in Staff so perhaps that one will be good. Am also interested in the Sage stuff.

Maybe I should pick up the Col3 video. I am just sort of wary to since so much of the other stuff has been coming out on DVD. DVD can do the still-frames and slowmotion and zooming and all of that, so that makes it easier for learning. Then again this IS free and there must be a lot of nice stuff on Col3... Probably a lot of stuff I could learn?

The last things I was considering was the Monkeyfist Meteor (b&w) and that Meteor book. Any thoughts on either one?

One possible thing would be an Ultimate Poi, Buzz Poi, Poi Spinning book, and Meteor. That'd come to around $98. Could subtitute the Poi Spinning book for the Art of Staff+Sage DVD.

Could do Beginner Poi, Buzz Poi, Poi Spinning Book, Art of Staff+Sage DVD, Col3 Video for about the same amount. Maybe swap out the book for the other DVD... Or the World of Poi book?

So, I don't know... Any thoughts? Anything you think I definitely should go for or avoid?

So anyway, I know this is all kind of general, so any thoughts are appreciated. In any case, I am just really excited. Thanks again to Malcolm for the great site and the contest.


MalcolmSAPPHIRE Member
HOP admin
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Location: New Zealand

What?!?! no mention of wanting to buy beaming Poi

I suggest you look at peoples thoughts previously discussed on this thread here
Have you ever bought from HOP and how do you like It?



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PeleBRONZE Member
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Location: WNY, USA

Hey Shawn! It is so nice to see you kicking around still! It's been, what, 2 years since we first met?

Anyway, if what you are looking for is expansion of learning base and tools then here are my suggestions....

Meteor book is awesome. Very comprehensive and of course, you'll need a meteor to go with that.

I don't know if the buzz Poi design has cahnged but the tail does not come off, technically. The whole day glo casing removes for washing. The tail, however can be tucked in to make learning some of those pesky moves easier. Truth be told... I LOVE my buzz Poi, far more than my "beginner" Poi. There is a flow and sound to them that is similar to fire but in the light of day and without the smoke!

Poi books. Hmmm...can you do the butterfly variations and such? What about Chase the Sun and windmills? The Poi books are superb for learning up to the btb weaves and such, then there is a need for a more advanced version. Your mom might really appreciate it but in having you around.

The Art of Staff is a great beginning place with staff, truly. So if that is what you are looking for, then yes. Another more portable option is Bec and Elke's staff book which is wonderfully comprehensive as well..and can be taken outside.

All the COL's have much merit. Though I do have to say I like the 3rd best because it showed more style, and obviously, advanced movements than the other two. These are more entertainment than learning tools, as is the Sage video, but they are great all the same.

I use the books and tools more than the video's however.
Not that this helps much though!

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ShawnF 162 posts
Location: Springfield, MA - USA

Malcolm, thanks for the link. Some good info. in there...

Pele, yikes you're right. It has been quite a while hasn't it? Unfotunately, I've never managed to hook up in person with anyone at that gathering since. I've been going to the UMASS Juggling club lately, but I hope someone does another NE type gathering at some point...

Thanks for the info. I'll have to do some more research and decisions. I am one of those people that takes forever weighing this versus that..heh

Anyway.. nice to hear from a familiar face. Hopefully I can manage to stay a bit more active on the forums.


flidBRONZE Member
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ssshh! You'll encourage more people to enter, thus lowering my chances of winning

delete the thread this instant!

Cassandra 4,224 posts
Location: Back in Paris... for now !

YAY SHawn you are still around ????
Soooooo lovely to see you again. Been missing you here and missing your reall high quality input in threads too .

hope you are good and will enjoy the yumminess of HOP shopping (love teh buzz Poi by teh way )

and also hope to read more of you on HOP

Shine on, beautiful one

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