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faery emBRONZE Member
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(i will let this thread go tomorrow or next time i'm on, but heres my pissed off rant - sympathy needed!)

there are probably other people feeling the same now!!!

there were 2 gigs i HAD to go to this summer.

1) suddenly got email from radiohead site a saturday 2 weeks ago-ish, giving dates and venus of their small venue tour. they are playing shepards bush empire THE DAY I FINISH MY EXAMS. but i'd read teh email sunday afternoon, went straight to the site SOLD OUT

oh well i thought, at least i'll be seeing them at
2) glastonbury. didn't manage to get on website the 1st day they were on sale, thinking i'd have a couple of days. SOLD OUT

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fluffy napalm fairy 3,638 posts
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you do deserve a thread and a whole load of sympathy. Poor thing - But can you not work for a ticket at glastonbury? I know it's not the same but there are always ways..........if you do your shifts on wed/thurs you get most of the festival to enjoy yourself.

Hope you manage to sort something

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CantusSILVER Member
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Some people round these parts spunned fire in the circus field last year and, thusly got a performers ticket. Perhaps you could look into doing something similar....

just a thought.

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PukSILVER Member
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big hug . Life goes on .

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KatBRONZE Member
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Sympathy - I could not afford 2 tickets at the normal price never mind at the ridiculously expensive prices they are been sold at now.

Ah well, maybe you can console yourself with the fact that the atmosphere will be subdued due to the posh wankers with more money than sense after paying triple and upwards the retail ticket price on ebay!

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tatttySILVER Member
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Dont despair, you could always work at Glastonbury, I worked their last year doing recycling and had a fantabulous time. i made stacks of friends, got yummy free food and then got a check in the post to pay back my ticket money! If you look on glasto website (follow link on (i think) then u should be able to get contact information. If not, PM me and i can forward phone number and address of the company that deal with it (havent got it with me at the mo).
keep smiling
big hugs


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(*Wanders in and hugz Em for being luvvly, cute and wonderful*)

(*And again for the sympathy thing*)

(*Sneaks off before anyone realises he's blagged additional hugz*)

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