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anti-spin doubles patterns.


Parallel Same-Time. (like reels but anti-spun) + turns etc.

Parallel one high one low. (hands go out come back on opposite level to start, all anti-spin then isolate back round to start position. - You can try and anti-spin this entirely, but I think an arm has to pass through the other to make it clean. Isolate for the win.)

Parallel weaves. Forwards and reverse, 2 and three beat versions. Perhaps simian has some higher order weaves.

Parallel high/low turn. Turn to the other direction, or turn all the way around.

Parallel 'flowers'. Both staffs doing anti-spin on either side of your body, out of time. (on hand is up while the other is down etc.)

Parallel flowers with 2 beat anti-spin. Doing parallel high/low one hand starts to do a beat behind you, the other one does the behind the back beat when it gets to it's side of the body...


Butterfly Same-Time Anti-Spin. Arms want to almost go through each other but don't.

Butterfly anti-spin one high one low: where you form a 'point' and pull it horizontally from one side to the other. Turns easily. You can also pull this point diagonally, or vertically.

Butterfly weaves - 1 beat weaves can be pulled around in circles and one staff will anti-spin, the other won't. Works with other weaves also.

Butterfly flowers with 2 beat anti-spin. Coming out of high/low, the two ends of the staff split apart and one goes behind you to do an extra beat, the other does it's own thing for a bit, before going behind you.

Things you can do with anti-spin:

* practise with the various different hand positions: the staff has two ends, you then have four 'ways' of doing each anti-spin pattern. thumb ends pointed toward each other, pinky ends, or the two versions of pinky and thumb pointed toward each other. Some patterns feel really different with pinky ends in I find, but aren't much harder. (harder only because I haven't practised as much with that end.)

* Then you can flick the ends by doing a quick half 'spin' (yeah a spin!) and be in the same pattern, but with the opposite ends pointing at each other.

* do a BTH beat / anti-spin instead of a normal one.

* find a nice place to transition to other forms of anti-spin, isolation or change direction into bfly anti-spin / iso.

* snaking up you hand and then doing anti-spin is occasionally fine, sometimes quite difficult.

* doing a quarter (or half) or anti-spin then isolation then anti-spin then isolation etc. You don't need to snake your wrist or go btb like normal anti-spin with this, so it has a lot of new possibilities. Putting a half spin of isolation into many anti-spin patterns makes for many many many new patterns.

* Do different shapes of anti-spin, triangle pentagon... etc...

* Do different timeings, quarter time for example. Quarter time weave, or whatever.

Interesting patterns people have already found:

* Switching ends is fun! Particularly in bfly high/low, switching the ends that make the 'point'. But you can also do it in parallel high/low. Probably in same-time anti-spin also.

* Most of these patterns can go BTH. But BTH has it's own set of rules, like it has to go BTH on the high side of the anti-spin, it can't go BTB and still do a one beat anti-spin. (Since your arm can go over your head.) This constrains some of the patterns you can do. Plus you have to sometimes 'set up' for a BTH anti-spin. (for reverse anti-spin at least.)

* I believe the french guys like doing parallel weaves with BTH beats. I've only practised this a little.

* Instead of having the isolated transition in parallel high low go from vertical to vertical, you can do it from horizontal to horizontal.

* atomics! and other plane based fun fun fun.

Things I just thought of:

* Switching just one end should take you into a different pattern. Maybe from same time to high/low...

* Doing BTH butterfly anti-spin with switching ends BTH.

* Doing anti-spin flowers and switching ends. That'd be fun.

* You can also do anti-spin flowers and go BTH.

bit rough, I'll tidy it up in a bit.

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Hmm. What about Antibrids? Do they go here too? I have an *almost* comprehensive list wink

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Philip Glass and spinspin
Geometry of circles


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