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i used to be one of these "keep work at work" people who enjoyed that separation between the office and my actual life....

but know im lounging on the back deck in my undies, watching the sun set, armed with beer and cheese & bikkies, with funky music blaring from the kitchen, while typing away at my work laptop... and i really could get used to this! in the past hour ive gone through double what i would have achieved in a small fluorescent lit room in a grey building!

what about others? i suppose a difficult thing in working from home is their many more distractions - ie friends, toys, games, books etc. im pondering whether i would have the self discipline to do this regularly?

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No Poi would call out to much.

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Actually, I find that work overrides Poi most of the time.

I work from home and I am self employed. Slacking off work means I get less money and my clients don't want to come back so I get lass money in the long term. When you're not working for 'the man' you get all the pressure and end up working all the time.

Working for the man from home is another matter I guess...

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i want to work from home and go to work in my pjs

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I love working at home, keeping my own schedule, any and all hours... The only trouble with it is that I miss the social structure of an external workplace. When my friends come visit, I just stop working. In a work environment you can be with other people, and still working.

So I talk to my cats a lot, and that is alright. And I have a job that gets me out working in the community at least once a week. It helps.

But there is a lot of discipline involved in getting things done when you are your own boss and essentially responsible for everything.

The biggest advantage has been my beautiful mornings, I dont rush anywhere... love it.Coffe on my porch is a much admired tradition among my friends. Starts the day off right.

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coffee during rush hour, sitting in my car, trying not to swear at the idiot in front of me wishing for more smokes

Nay, whatever comes one hour was sunlit and the most high gods may not make boast of any better thing than to have watched that hour as it passed

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id love that, thing is i can do it to being in the graphics industry....
Plus it'd save me the 3hrs of commuting every day.

but alas, i KNOW i dont have the self discipline to stay focused at home. I cant even do it at work!

*gets back to work temporarily...*

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I miss working from home **SO** much... did it for 2 1/2 years and I`m the most easily distracted person I know... still always found a way to get the work done...

I love the freedom... I could go for a week and do next to nothing (worked for myself), then work 16hr days for a week to catch up... the work ebbs and flows and so did the hours. the only reason I`m not still working from home is that the work ebbed a lil too much, without corresponding flow... so back to the real world for me.

I also **LOVED** the fact that working from home allowed me to me mr. mum... did it through isaac (my youngest`s) preschool year, so I got to do the school run, preschool morning teas for the mums... the only dad on the preschool excursions, pack lunches... draw pictures on the brown paper bags holding his morning tea... *sigh*... miss all that

as I was working from home, I worked for a few different clients; I found my biggest problem was that I took on pretty much every job thrown my way, `just in case` the work started to dry up, so I worked some crazy hours sometimes (but then I do now, too rolleyes)...

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As Sym already said, he works at home. And I can quite honestly say he doesn't stop bloody working!

I don't know what his hours are, they seem to be from when he wakes up to when he goes to sleep, with breaks for food and Poi, and maybe a bit of telly in between.

Perhaps he's a robot, i don't know, I couldn't tell you!

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