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I dont know if this should go into the war forum or here but i thought it is only kinda connected with war...

The point is read this article BBC News
It made me so angry! Have people no respect!


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it is ****ing sick isnt it.....

note they cant even draw a swastika correctly.....dickheads..

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Its a real shame that the people that have done this are dessicrating the very graves of the men and women that saved thier country during the WW2.. France seems to have a habit of just rolling over and playing dead for a while and then standing up and saying well we didn't need you help anyway! I know thats a pretty strong sweeping statement and not all French are of that though.. some of my extended family are french so I'm not being nasty in that way- dessicration just pisses me off so much!

Someone at work said that they over heard something saying that the Americans were thinking of relocating all of thier war dead back to the US - any one heard the same? If it is true that is a HUGE rift starting to open..

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That's very sad.

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that's really ****ing disgusting i feel awful the french always play dead when there needed what happened to respect has it been eaten up by a ball of fluff or summin

right im off to play with my ball of pink fluff

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I'm kinda curious why the whole Anti-Semitism movement is rearing its ugly head...

Anyway, I think the average Joe Closed Minded Patriot doesn't realize the consequences of his actions. Things like French (citizens') desecration of American/British gravesites, German boycotts of McDonalds, and the INCREDIBLY moronic concept of "freedom" fries/toast... These things will have an echo after this war is over, and they're not going to be looked back on with fond laughter.

I suppose one good side effect of a war like this is that it draws out these animosities where we can see them, and know where they're taking place, so we can combat them in the future. Had they remained covert, who knows what sorts of hate-motivated crimes would go unnoticed or unpunished. As they say it's "bringing their true feelings out."

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A couple of punks with spray paint vandalize a war memorial and everyone thinks france is full of nazi's and foul grave desecraters. Yes this is shameful and disgusting. But I wouldn't say it's nearly as shameful as the state endorsed smear campaign america has been running agaisnt france. Backed up by big american corporations like kraft and their liberty salad dressing. I think it's suprising this is the only backlash we have seen so far.

I don't mean to stir up a hornets nest but lets look at it this way. From the perspective of a passionate french man who likes to watch the evening news, America has become a nation of biggots lead by a biggot government. They see american government officials makeing disparging remarks about france, They watch late night with jay leno and see everyone bashing france, they turn the channel and see even more. From their now angry perspective americans didn't do anything great to liberate them, they waited untill they were entirely sure hitler was a threat to american soil to take action. It had nothing to do with france. These french people can easily forget the untied aid which america gave them after the war and they can easily forget the other side of the story which is the one most people see. The one which says how the allied nations liberated france from the tyranny of the nazi regime. Really the truth doesn't matter in these matters. It doesn't matter that britain took it on the chin right up untill the invasion of normandy and made greater sacrifices then any other allied nation aside from russia. Because they don't see that because america and britain is shitting on them daily. If you do that sort of thing to a nation there will be backlash it's that simple.

BTW the poll which says 1 out of 3 french support saddam is pretty much garbage. It was a phone poll with 1000 subjects.

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it tottaly sucks, ah dear me, they dont have any respect, today in my school we had mr ian duncan smith in, and he said alot about the war and was completely nuetral about it, he showed no real interest in either supporting or hating the war. but anyway yeh, it sucks



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While yes it is disrespectfull as hell, I find it oddly ironic.

The whole deal with US restraunts changing French Fries to Freedom Fries and what is just another way of nonviolent protest. While I feel that is wrong and so was what was painted on the monuments I can somewhat understand. I do not condone it, just understand it.

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Old but related news...

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