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Over on we've ordered some special balls from the states.

Marco.cj , who is dealing with the order and such from EL labs in NJ, is coming to London on the 16th (saturday) to give out the balls to the people that bought them...

But we need a place to do this, and then just to have a little play afterwards.

I've asked the Hangar, I'm waiting for them to get back to me (since four days).

ANyone out there know of somewhere warm and cosy and fun we can play with our new toys? The playing is open to everyone, but the balls are already claimed I'm afraid... wink

The problem we encountered is that the London CJ crew are a bit reluctant to offer space wink, or just aren't going to be around, or can't decide on a pub to meet in. HoPpers are a one of the best sources of information, so I'll see if one of you guys can't give some advice.

many thanks!!

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