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This guy in Japan has basically come up with a rudimentary invisibility cloak!



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seen it. The military has been using a similar system on their main battle tanks for years.

I have been working on optical stealth systems for 11 years (on my own as a hobbie, not under government programs, if they would even admit to having them) But this one is so simple that I didn't even think of it. I'll bet they made it green on purpose. You could probebly make your own realy easily, all you need to do is get a movie projector screen and make a jacket out of it. Get a realy time color projector (like they have in classrooms) and a video camera.

There was an artist in california who set up large televisions covering the front of his beach house, and he put cameras in the back, so that when you came up to the house, all you could see was the ocean. This type is very sensitive to distance and viewing angle. Apparently I wasn't the only one who was thinking about this stuff.

I have actually figured out how to make a super inexpensive setup for a vehicle (relatively speaking of course). It encompass multiple viewing angles and distances, using similar principles as the house. And if I told you anymore I would have to shoot you.

Actually it is better to draw this type of stuff, rather than rely on words.

in profile, a simplified setup (three viewing angle) would look like this in profile


sort of like a tin roof (not including 3rd demension structure which is the same). YOu end up with a surface that is covered in little "domes" with a small, high intensity back lit LCD on each flat surface. There is a flat black plastic "grid" that fits over the whole thing, thus blocking the light from all the LCDs that are not directly facing you. From a short distance, the human eye sees a black object covered in lights with black spaces in between. (that exactly match the background color of what is behind that area of the object). From a far enough distance the human eye is decieved and all the colors merge into eachother (same thing happens on a TV, if you look realy close, a TV is actually composed of little lights with a thin black boarder between each one) The black areas are "over-ridden" by the high intencity LCDs and you end up with a perfectly opticaly invisible object (from a far enough distance away)

The cameras can be zoomed closer or farther away, depending on the distance of the observer, (you know how a car covers up more of your field of vision, the closer you get to it?) and with enough angles you can be invisible even as the observer walks around you.

What distance is it good for? depends on the size and center to center distance of the domes, but a distance of one foot between centers in good for 2 miles (based on WW2 tests with airplanes and regular white light bulbs) so a cheap setup could easily make your pickup truck invisible from 2 miles away. A truck is normaly visible from many many miles away (like 5-10 or so). With a little effort, invisibility from a half mile could be readily attainable. But if you want to walk up to somebody and tap them on the chest like a ghost.....nano technology/computer chips is the only way to go. but unless it was mass produced (and even then) that would be way to expensive to be used on a large scale.

This is all "active stealth" which is easy and cheap, but which is suseptible to damage and water, and glitches.

With a simple camera and monitor setup though, it could be easily repaired and very cheap to construct. I could probably do a vehicle for under $10,000 or less if it was mass produced.

Why am I bothering telling you all this? Because #1 I don't have the money to do t. #2 I want the echnology out there, so the ideas will improve, and so I don't have to develope it. #3 I know the concepts, but I would need a group to direct to do the actuall programing and stuff. #4I am not an engineer by education, only by hobby), but if I had several thousand dollars and a few engineers to direct, I could get it done pretty quickly.

So, I don't care if somebody "steals" this because I don't have the money to build it, and by the time I do, I am sure I will have a better design figured out. However, if anybody DOES want to build it, I am more than willing to guide you (with a cut of the profits for me of course)

P.S. I left out some important parts BTW. This is not a complete description.

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That seems like such the Japanese invention, nifty

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