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Rouge DragonBRONZE Member
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Today I learnt 2 things;

that the Hokey Pokey is very difficult to do while holding a microphone and that putting your bottom in and shaking it all about isn't as universally funny as I thought it was.

To to those who don't know, the Hokey Pokey is a dance you do with kids that follows putting body parts "in" and "out" of a circle, and "shaking them all about".

Now when you do this in Australia, when it comes the the part where you put your "bottom" in, without fail, they roll on the floor laughing and you are lucky if you can get them to stop laughing within the next 10 minutes.

As a teacher in Romania, I played this with my students, and they also rolled on the floor in fits of laughter at shaking their bottoms all about. These students barely spoke a word of English therefore I know that there was no need for language to interpret "bottom" to make this funny.

Now today.

I played the game with 60 Japanese kids ranging from 5 to 10 (the same age group that I did it with in Romania). And not one of them laughed. Not one of them made a reaction any differently to shaking their arms or legs or head all about. And as I said above, I believe that an understanding of spoken language is not essential in making this activity funny.

And I am most perplexed! Is it a cultural difference between Japan (perhaps Asia as a whole) and Australia/Europe (do I assume America as well?) in finding certain body parts funny? Is it just not amusing to waggle your rear end if you are a Japanese child? In general I found their excitement for this song/dance to be very low when I am used to kids getting fully into it (sometimes I've had to stop kids because I was worried they'd hurt themselves they were shaking their heads about so violently).

Can anyone shed any light on this for me, please smile

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Neon_ShaolinGOLD Member
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For all their efforts on maintaining a dignified manner and saving face, the Chinese do have a predeliction for d**k & fart jokes.

My mother was the type of woman who wouldn't think twice about farting in my face when I was young... eek (hmmm, best not leave my mouth open)

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 Written by: Neon_Shaolin

My mother was the type of woman who wouldn`t think twice about farting in my face when I was young...

now, that`s class... you can`t teach that... tongue

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My mother would have smacked you cross-eyed for doing something like that!!!

Altho, my dad will run you cross-eyed with his and not even bat an eyelash himself...or acknowledge that anything is wrong!!!

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Kids are very serious about their schooling in asian countrys .

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LazyAngelGOLD Member
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well, from my experiences in China, i'd say that's kind of true: the poor little sods have constant exams and are under so much pressure. That said, this also has the effect that at the slightest opportunity to get a bit rowdy and have some fun, they can go totally wild!

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FoxInDocsSILVER Member
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well, you know i think the japaneese have a very upity culture anyways, perhaps laughter and sillyness is generally discouraged...

chinese kids, however, are wikkid fun, even if they do run to class when the school-bell rings. go to china.

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DentrassiGOLD Member
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well... the japanese seem to be able to have an even more perverse sense of humour than me sometimes.... heres some appalling japanese gameshow vids to share that i happened across a month ago!

(disclaimer - im appalling at my asian languages, but im pretty sure theyre all japanese!)

this one especially is a bit odd....

oh and for that matter, this one as well (second half absolutely gold)

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