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Posted:Hi all, havn't been around for a while, but am rather peeved & would like to vent/rant.

Is any1 else as censored off as I am at the axing of 'The Glass house' by the ABC, for those who may not know, it was a panel based comedy show that gave a more realistic spin on current socio-political events and the reason for cutting it seems to be that they hung "to much $#!t on Howard (our PM) who's incidently got some CEO or top board member at the ABC in his back pocket by threatening financial cutbacks in the leadup to a probable next year election) and not enough on the oppossition. If they (Labour) were in power it would be the other way around.

I remember seeing that over in the states there were huge discrepancies before the last election between the % of viewers on FOX who believed that they were justified in going to iraq because they had WMDs vs other stations CNN - NBC etc.
P.S. good to hear Matt Lauer finally took a stand in calling it a "civil war" and others will follow.

So has anyone else had it up to here with Political manipulation of the Media? mad

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Posted:Simply: Yes.

Everyone knows that axing the Glasshouse was total bull excrement. No one in their right minds believed that ratings were crap.

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Posted:precicely, cuz *everyone* was peeved when it got axed.

mind you, i don't know what differance it's gonna make cuz the ABC's *always* taking cutbacks anyways.

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Posted:one positive thing (if it actually happens) said in the press release about the glasshouse axing was that it would make room for further production and better timeslots for show's like the least they're holding on to that

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Posted:I always wondered if Firefly got cut because it's themes were a bit anti-government.

Given how popular it got just from the few episodes that aired, it could have been the new Star Trek.

Being into sci-fi means you get to see a fair few of your shows cut or rescheduled (bloody sporting events). TV bosses don't seem to like programs that pose ethical/moral questions, (probably down to the lack of separation between religion and politics), and sci-fi is really good at that.

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Posted:I was at a reseach event a couple of weeks ago where Steve Thomas, an Aussie documentary director and lecturer at the VCA gave a paper about the current state of Australian television - and why after 20 years of making documentaries for tv he no longer feels ethically comfortable working for ABC or SBS.

He said that over the last 10 years program controllers have gone from the people who booked your film and helped fund it to actively dictating what the content and message will be... Resultantly a lot of Australian documentarists have been moving towards academia as a non-commercial space in which they can make work that expresses their opinions rather than those of the Howard government - who fund either directly or indirectly pretty much all tv documentaries in Oz.

A similar thing happened in the UK in the late 80's - whereas channel 4 had been very good at providing alternative voices a terristrial broadcast outlet, it became far more embroiled in ratings war populism with the advent of cable and a reduction in government subsidies... A lot of the more radical channel 4 documentarists are now working in academia... My PhD supervisor is one of the them.

I was surprised to hear that ABC has just hired someone to ensure political 'balance' on its shows. Which Steve insists will effectively create a climate of self-censorship - you know that if you say things which the government (who fund your station and therefore you) don't like, you wont get screened as this could have wider rammification for the netwroks future public subsidy... A sad state of affairs...

So if you're pissed about this, go sign up to your local Imc (IndyMedia Center) and become a counter-propaganda channel.


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