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little bit frustrating, everytime I do a show and the wind is to hard, I can't start the new oiled pows easily. can anybody help me with the knowledge about oil?

oil that last a bit longer than 7 minutes... grr. very irritating when they pay you and you need to use candles or other fire to light up your stuff.

HELP!! eek

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7 minutes is normal for a burn time. as far as i am aware you wont get any type of fuel that lasts longer than this.

perhaps you should get other toys and soak them before hand, and perhaps have your safety person/friend to light them for you just before your current toy runs out.

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A kitchen blowtorch is a good bet for lighting up fast in breezy conditions.

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A splash of something more flammable after you've soaked in oil is a good way to get stuff started.

Or have a wand soaked in whitegas or something more flammable to light the oil.

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