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brittleGOLD Member
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Location: leicester, uk

just wondering what weird things people can do

i can:
put both legs behind head
1 standing up
get foot flat against the side of my torso
wiggle ears and nose
shake and roll eyes into head + look like have been hung
double jointed in all my fingers + can bend them back 90 degrees
talk like donald duck
do the matrix bend backward thingy
stand about 70cm away from a wall and walk backwards on my hands down it
fold in half forwards (so my head is inbetween my knees)

im kinda known as the bendy freaky person of my school

so what about the rest of ya?

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Pogo69SILVER Member
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Location: limbo, Australia


thanks, geets... I think... confused but the evidence seems to point towards the contrary...

I am, at the very least, egregiously unskilled in the abnormal arts

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Your Face!
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I can pop my thumbs in and out of socket without touching them.

I am double lointed at the fingers.

I can make a trefoil with my tongue.

I can make donald duck noises by pushing air inbetween my cheek and gums.

I can burn myself by doing arm wraps with fire poi, but still be able to keep the hair on my arm.(was wearing a long sleeved shirt.)

I can flip my eyelids inside-out.

I can make snaping noises by slaping my Pointer finger against my index finger.

I can make a butt out myself with little to no help at all just by opening my mouth.

I can make my eyeballs twitch back and forth realy fast.

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