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RavenSkylerSILVER Member
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Location: USA

Hey fellow fire bugs out there in the international community of the internet...I am a junior at University of South Florida and am hoping to communicate with fire spinners in different parts of the world and discuss how fire dancing is percieved in your culture. It would be awsome to hear from people of New Zealand or Polynesian culture where fire dancing orignated. It is for part of my final in cultural anthropology so I will be doing a class presentation and I want to accurately represent the true cultural significance of fire dancers in different cultures and as a global fire tribe. You can also feel free to email me directly at I will be excited to see who responds. Thanks! I personally spin chain poi for the last year on the sands of Clearwater Beach, FL.
I would particularly be interested in how fire dancing is percieved by your culture? How did you come to fire dancing? Discuss any fire spinning events that you have attended, such as, the full moon party, ect. All responces are appreciated!

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