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MikefromGlosMikefromGlosSILVER Member
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Right then i am a little stuck on a move at the present time i am not to sure how to do it but i think its possible. Let me explain the way i arrived at that this move is possible

i have been messing around with hyperloops and airwarps for a while now just a simple 3bt hyperloop mainly then i thought wouldnt it be cool to get a hyperloop to insted of spin on each side of you but to have it in front of you but not in a buzz saw way it would be like a buzz saw but turned nintey degrees so there spinning in front of you in a ninety degrees buzzsaw but with a tangle in it

so far i have pulled off a half hearted one when i was playing and didnt understand it. To get into it I know you would have to have the poi spining in alternative ways in a split time fashion but where i need help is which plane would it have to be in because if its diagonal then they tangle into the buzzsaw varient.

I hope this makes sense to someone please help if anyone has a pic of this move as well i would be greatful

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colemancolemanSILVER Member
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this sounds like a buzzsaw hyperloop (or just hyperloop depending on your definitions) in wallplane.

i like these lots biggrin

enter an airwrap in the normal fashion (wallplane same direction tangle) but instead of letting the tangle move to the inside plane (between your hands and your body) and exiting, move your right hand back toward you so that the tangle moves into the (wallplane) buzzsaw position.

i think this is what you're on about - it certainly gives you a tangled buzzsaw parallel with your shoulders (the 90 degrees you were on about?).

to do these staying in wallplane (without turning shoulders or your body to exit) you need to learn buzzsaw hyperloops exiting with crossed arms (these have an extra beat) - you have to move the tangle to behind to exit which, if you want to remain with feet planted in wallplane, means you have to stick your left hand under your right arm pit with the tangle behind you in the outside plane.

if that's not what you're on about, ignore me completely ubbangel

cole. x

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