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Okay so I started playing around with my pois, and the only thing I can do is the weave (mostly cause that's the hand movement I do with glowsticks at rave concerts). Aside from that, I'm absolute crap at everything. I get hit by the thing so many times and my body already feels raw from the beating! I know there isn't any easy way to learn other tricks, but there's gotta be something better. Any knowledge you wanna lay on me? ubbrollsmile

Sambo_FluxGOLD Member
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Yup! Start here and go from there. And practise with soft poi!

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TotalEclipseGOLD Member
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Oh, and if you can find some spinners locally, make them teach you smile

drvarietySILVER Member
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 Written by: TotalEclipse

make them teach you smile

I would recommend sitting outside their house, preferrably in the rain, looking verry depressed until they start... wink

There is nothing to be afraid of. Virtual reality will eventually rehabilitate your mind and eventually your body. Everything will be allright, i promise. Just concentrate. Try some music.

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Is that what you did? ubblol Did it work?

faith enfireBRONZE Member
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RaveRepresentSILVER Member
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I started with glowsticks and ribbon. Kind of a bad idea because glowsticks sting like a mother.

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