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Hi performers of the World! I would like to introduce you to a South Australian Gay Men's Flagging Troupe called FLAGMANIA.

Our website is

and this months newsletter is here with all the latest on our performances. (Sorry that you have to copy and paste. I just dont get the code.)

I hope you enjoy reading about us and say gday on our site through the guestbook or blog.



Flagmania smile

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Damn, if only I were in Adelaide.... and gay. ubbrollsmile

Neither of your links to the website work either frown
I think you didnt add anything as the link, but insted put the address in the title bit. biggrin

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i know a guy in adelaide called ben who might be interested... wink
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ubblol i love you ed, nixatnite did i meet you at the drezdon dolls show? feel free to post on
theres also a regular fire night on fridays by rhymal park

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yer i dont get the code there. I just took off the links. you will have to copy and paste Im afraid... how manual!!

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