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A curve which has the shape of a petal flower. Curve was named

'Rhodonea' by the Italian mathematician Guido Grandi, between 1723 and 1728 because it resembles a rose.

The polar equation of the rose is":

r = Alfa * sin * (n * Theta) [spin]

r = Alfa * cos * (n * Theta) [anti-spin]

If N is odd, the rose is N-petalled. If N is even, the rose is N-petalled.

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If N is irrational, then there are an infinite number of petals.

N = 2 - Full anti-spin flower.

N = 3 Trifolium(Paquerette de mlibe)

N = 1/2 Half flower.

N = 1/3 Lock-out.

N = 1/5 Snake


"If is N = R/S a rational number, then the curve closes at a polar angle

of Theta = PI * S * P ,where P = 1 if R * S is odd and P = 2, if R*S is


Did anyone understand tha last?



I found that there are flowers divaded into families depending on

origin of the flower, the center.

Trammel(Astroid base) - Full 4 anti-spin flower, with center.

Trimmel(Deltoid base) - Full 3 anti-spin flower, with center.

Hyperbola(Ellipse base) - Circle, with focus(!).

Hypocycloid(Epicycliod base) - Rose(!).

Point(Line base) - Point.

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I found, that there is relation between trammel and four fioled

anti-spin. That Trammel is it's, negative pair(!).

That circle negative is elliypse or hyperbola.

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It is the ellypse.


Source reference:

-Wolfram mathworld(Pedal Curve)

-[Old link]

-MacTutor Archive

Thanks math for perfect, math world resource.

Rev, Cole, Mcp, Bluecat*

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nyc - hug

i honestly didn't mean to be obfuscatory (blimey! that's a clever word for first thing on a monday morning!).

from my side of things, as we did indeed already know you understood the concept - as such i thought all you would need would be a list of the ways in which r could vary with over time other than by changing the string length on the fly (shoulder-elbow-wrist circles, tangles and isolation).

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But I'll soon have family in London so that should give me some street cred and more reasons to visit. wink

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I'm closing this chapter.


No wait, there is more
to come.




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There's essentially one thing many forget you can do with flowers. That beeing you can spin them and wrap them ( spiral wraps ) around the hand.

I find that if they go into the spiral when they are furthest in front of you they will go out and reverse around the time they are furthest back of you. So you can keep both arms doing spirals. ubbrollsmile

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It is truth, that you can wrap Poi around body part

to get spiral effect, but it is fundamental techni-

que and here you'll find theoretical flowe overview

rather than aplication.

This thread closes relation between spin and anti-

spin, becasuse there are few "low level "anti-spins

undescribed yet.

0 anti-spin

1 anti-spin

The 2 anti-spin is trammel. I can help you, spin

has two borders, giant(long arm) and full izolation.





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