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So today I was driving to pick up PWB. It was a nice day and my windows were down. My hair all windblown, no make-up, looking pretty trouncey to be sure.
This truck of two guys comes around the corner where I am waiting at the light and the driver leans out his car window, looks right at me and calls me sweetheart.
And it made me feel kind of good. He didn't do it in a mean way, or negatively at all. Just with a cute smile and mischievous sparkle in his eye.

Isn't it amazing how little things like that make a difference? And thinking about it, those things happen every day. I just need to pay more attention!

And what of you? What happened today, even to the smallest degree that made you feel good about being you?

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Today i was in class and it is a friends birthday and she let me draw a tattoo on her arm (little did she know until she looked that i let the world know it was her HAPPPPY DAY!!)

at my work which is quite repetitious office building type of work, i passed a number of people and really shared Looks with them. you know what i mean, some people you pass and barely look into their eyes? well, i passed and shared words with so many people we dont know eachother, and reaaly looked into eachothers eyes, and had real attention on eachother. this was true if brief exchange of energy which i was buzzing from.

today something amazing happened, a friend of mine who is a friend, who shows very little warmth but is the mother type, she showed real warmth as she has not in 1 1/2 years. this warms my heart so much.

it is the littles things, such as having sunshine and a strong breeze as i walk out of class, or honest sharing unguarded smiles. people can be so beautiful


Shibaki 309 posts
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you know, it is really every single little moment that i get to spend with my friends that fills me with gratitude and happiness. my life is occupied by so many things that take up my time, and a friend just stopped by just for 2 minutes and i have a all over my being. nothing out of this world, just the briefest interaction.


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One of the things that makes me ridiculously happy is watching a cat cautiously stalk up on some inanimate object and then jump strait up into the air a couple of feet when it suddenly moves for some reason. Don't get me wrong, I love cats, but watching them flip out over stuff like that gives me the biggest giggle fits.

Finding a really nice new tripped out rythm in a drum circle can give me a nice buzz for the rest of the night, even if it only lasts a minute or two.

As for what Shibaki said, I can't say enough good things about my friends back in Texas. They were always so good at warming my heart even when I was a complete stressed-out bastard while I was finishing my Ph.D.last year. I absolutely love telling people about what a fantastic burn community we have there. While this makes me miss them loads, the watery eyes are always accompanied by a huge grin.

Regarding what Pele said to start this whole thread, but from the other side of the coin, watching a stranger smile after offering a compliment/nice words out of the blue is very nice. Unforetunately I generally only do this when I'm already in a silly mood. Perhaps I should be in a silly mood more often. I'll work on that.


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hmmm thanks Pele...*

I just lost a long, long post about lots of little sparkly special moments and I can't take the magic away by writing them all out over again... (nor the time I'm afraid)

but beautiful warm fuzzie hugs to all you gorgeous beautiful precious people and your sharing...

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little things that make me smile are messages left on my MSN thingie for when I come into work first thing from a lovely guy in the states called chris.. all thanks to HoP that we've been talking, shame the world ain't a little smaller huh?

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

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text messages

usually from my boyfriend, just telling me he loves me, or sometimes just before i go to sleep tellin g me to sleep me, they make me feel good,

but recently i got a really good one from a friend, she had some amazing news, pretty much a miracle and texted me to tell me,


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If I mention my Napalm Fairy again will people complain?

Well I'm going to anyway so

She's away skiing in the French Alps right now and we've spoken twice for about 10 minutes a time in the last week (which, when you think that we usually phone each other every day and speak for a good few hours at a time, isn't very much at all).

But the 2 conversations we did have left me so elated and floating on air

It's our anniversary coming up soon - the 12th of April - one whole year together. Brought together by Home Of Poi That makes me feel fantastic.

Oh and yay that MisStix has also found a HoPer. The US's not that far away sweetie. Remember mr NYC used to make transatlantic jaunts in the name of international relations(ships).....

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An editor I used to work with didn't recognize me because when last she saw me, I had two feet of hair. And when she figured out who I was, she started to compliment me on how nice I looked, and how young it made me appear, and it just brightened my otherwise dreary and stressed-filled day. Just one little compliment improved my mood instantly. It's kinda funny, every now and then I run into someone who hasn't seen my 'new' haircut and I'm reminded of the first day I got it...

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that's really lovely Pele.

When I was skiing a girl stopped next to me and asked me to teach her to do little jumps on snowblades (like short skis) I'd only been skiing a few days and had just discovered how to get air off the edge of the pistes (like all you experienced skiiers will have been doing for years )I was really happy that even accross a language barrier I could lark about quite happily for the afternoon with a complete stranger. It was so much fun and a big compliment too

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What a beautiful thread!

I have a story from quite a while ago... when I used to have all sequins and shiney bits in my dreads (still have a some but most of them have fallen out now) I was on a walk in the park and this little girl... no more than about 6yrs of age says "look Mummy, she's got all beautiful bits in her hair!" it just totally made my day! and still puts a smile on my face whenever I think of it... it came at a time when I was felling kinda ratty looking too... and this little angel just lifted me right up out of it....

I love children they're the best... they just seem to beable to simplify everything... My nefew comes over to play and tells me I need to buy some toys

I smile when I see that guy that rides his bike, singing down the street with his dog running along beside

I smile when I'm the only under 60yr old on the bus ...but even more smiley is the fact that I have a little granny shopping trolly too...kehehehe.

oooooh... and a beautiful story from just last weekend at a bush doof, when all these cars (mostly big heavey vans) were all stuck in thick boggy mud.... and all 20 or so of us helped push one another's cars out... all these gorgeous people coming together...people going ass over in the mud (myself one of them) and then all going down to the creek for a swim and refresher... it was so lush... I had a big goofy smile on my face for days!

* day all the fairy fridges will be aligned and my pixie world will be complete...:*

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