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Posted:Thank God for Poi!!

Okay, here's the story. My dog died about a week ago (ubbcrying) and I was .... distraught. I couldn't handle school or talk to anyone, that's how bad it got. But, one of my friends, whose a spinner too, convinced me to spin, just for a couple of minutes, and he swore I'd feel heaps better. Once I got home, I took his advice and spun. I ended up spinning for about half-an-hour.

By the end of it, I felt ... well, it's hard to say how I felt really. I guess I felt released, as if I could finally get over it.

So, Poi is my savior, as well as my mate. weavesmiley ubbrollsmile

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Posted:Hey, When my dad was diagnosed with cancer I found poi to be a good realese too. I know what ya mean. wink ubbrollsmile


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