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Hey, let's all do this:

This is a great idea from London - see below. Blackout London Tomorrow
> 4th November.
> Everybody is being asked to turn off their lights where ever they are at
> sunset tomorrow. Let's do it in Bristol too!
> The idea is that from space there will be an obvious dip in the amount
> of light coming from the UK as seen by satellites and that the national
> grid will also see a reduction in energy demand.
> The papers will love it and of course it all helps to care for the
> climate too.
> 4th November 2006
> Starting at Sunset
> 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm
> You are invited to take part in the largest demonstration of
> People Power that London has ever seen on Saturday 4th November 2006, by
> turning off all your lights, and switching off all your non-essential
> electrical equipment at Sunset.
> The principal cause of Global Warming is the rising Carbon
> Dioxide emissions into the atmosphere from the burning of Fossil Fuels,
> for electricity generation, transport, manufacturing, industry, space
> heating and air conditioning.
> For one day in November, we are asking everyone who receives
> this message to think about what they can turn off, switch off and
> unplug, toshow support.
> We want the power demand in the United Kingdom to reduce so much
> that the newspapers are obliged to report it. We want the lights to go
> out in London, so that on the evening of 4th November 2006, the dimming
> effect will be visible from space.
> If you are at home, switch off your set-top boxes, pull all the
> chargers out of the wall sockets, turn off lights in any room you are
> not using, switch off any machine with a digital clock in it, unplug the
> hi-fi and the TV and the games console, de-frost your freezer, switch
> off your fridge for a couple of hours. Turn the central heating
> thermostat down to 16 degrees and put a woolly sweater/jumper on if
> you're cold.
> Blackout London is being called in cooperation with Come Off It
> the campaign from Dave Hampton, the Carbon Coach, as part of a series of
> regular
> events to produce negawatts - negative power demand - from the
> People's Power Station :-

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