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Forums > Technical Discussion > Where can I get suede grip!!

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Posted:I recently bought one of the firetoys contact staffs, which is fantastic apart from the fact that the grip pulls out great chunks of my hair everytime I do neck rolls.
Now I could really do with finding somewhere to get thin suede grip to put on my staff, does anyone know where I can get any?

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Neck Rolls + dreadlocks = utter bitch of a snag...

With Hockey Grip anyway. Though for me, suede snags on my hair even more due to the traction.

I was thinking more along the lines ofthat semi foamy handlebar grip that I've seen on a few staff.

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Posted:You can get the soft tennis racket style stuff from firetoys.
I really like the suede grip because it goes so sexy and smooth after a few months when it gets worn down...


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Posted:you get used to the silicone grip (or it gets used to you!) real fast if your spinning lots, I prefer it now..

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