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Hi. I'm supposed to be doing a fire gig this friday at my uni (I'm a student in the UK) for a fireworks party. The only problem is my mate who's running it doesn't know if I need insurance or anything, and cos the event is run by the uni it's really important to make sure everything is above board.

If anyone has any idea about what type/whether I need insurance (it's on uni ground, so that's private property if it helps) I'd be much obliged

Cheers. T

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you &or the university will need to be covered, if anything goes wrong your in serious trouble. I'm not sure of all the ins and outs of it as being on uni ground does change some of the technicalities, but I'm sure some of the responsible uni people on here will fill you in shortly, I just wanted to get a reply up asap to let you know so you don't go off entirely unaware smile

it would be public liability insurance. It gets expensive as soon as you mention fire but you have to, your uni circus/juggling club should be able to help hopefully.

It's a bit late to be trying to sort all that out... :-/

We had to can the oxford southparks bonfire night spin because of insurance after over a months of working everything else out, but finally never being able to to get help with the overly expensive insurance we needed in time, we couldn't get the assistance that might be open to you though, as we are a non uni group that was going to be spinning on non uni ground.

best of luck, have fun and stay safe! smile

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