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Cassandra 4,224 posts
Location: Back in Paris... for now !

when I am sad or bored or a tad bit depressed I

- wear orange colour
- cook yummy food for friends
- tidy all of my place... and since I do not own a place at the mo... find someone whose place I can tidy (don t get over excited here, I am really happy at the mo )
- find a ray of sun and let it tickle my nose
- do somethign creative with my hands
- get into bed with hot chocolate or tchai and a good book (winter mode)
- relax in the shade with fresh orange or raspberry juice and a good book (sumemr mode)
- eat nutella with my fingers
- give and/or ask for a massage
- make a list of thigns that I am thankfull for
- put on that bad bad peachy music I love so much (what is it again, NYC ?) and dance like an idiot to it until dizzy and exhausted

how about you ????

shine on

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DomBRONZE Member
3,009 posts
Location: Bristol, UK

What a beautiful thread

- think about the smiles of the people I love
- daydream of wonderful events past, futures possible and places real and imagined
- listen to beautiful music
- call one of my best friends
- look around wherever I am, realise how amazing everything is, and smile a big smile

Clarabel 23 posts
Location: Scotland

this is a cool thread :-)

-i also like to cook for my friends, or even just for me
-get out in the sun and play with my poi, just cos they cheer me up
-listen to loud music and dance silly with my pals
-play air guitar
-have big cuddles with my other half
-play silly games

thats all i can think of right now!


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LuNcHbOx...(Aka. Nathan)-un-single 536 posts
Location: beneath a cloak of self-torture

sweet-, mine might be a little diffrent though..
-reach into a "jar o' money" and go buy a new "Korn" albulm...
-get lit and jump off my roof,...(minus the lit part)
-Play my guitar.
-Fume for about ten minutes and be done with it.
-Make ballon animals.
-Download music.
-Talk to myself aloud.
*shrugs* thats the way i handle being sad..

-LuNcHbOx, Aka. Nathan...Give a man to fish, and that man knows where to come for more fish...Teach a man to fish and you have just destroyed your market base...

CharlesBRONZE Member
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Location: Auckland, New Zealand

This one is easy...

- Look at my wife
- Look at my pregant wife
- Think about my wife
- Think about my pregnant wife
- Thinking about looking at my wife
- Thinking about looking at my pregnant wife

Well, you get the idea...

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9,232 posts
Location: NYC, NY, USA

"Every body dance now!!!"

(Sorry, that was a little C+C music factory for Cassandra)

I agree that music is a profound infuencer of my mood either up or down. For those of you hip-hopers Nas's current "I can" is too damn cute not to smile too. Not sure if it's big world wide but worth the download if you've got time. Techno, especially techno with history (that I've got specific fond memories of) is always a perk me up.

Back to the bullet format:
- Take a minute to smell the flowers, or at least buy them for someone and let them smell them.
- Look at photos.
- Call a friend I haven't seen in a while.
- Get something yummy to eat in my neighborhood.
- Walk in the park.
- Count my blessings/focus on what's good in my life.
- Go play nintendo with my brothers.
- Drink tea.
- Play on HoP.
- And my #1, never fail, 100% pick me up is to think of Cassandra. Corny but true.

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Dr.NoodleHeadBRONZE Member
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Location: The Giant Mushroom, United Kingdom

Mmmmmm, smiley thoughts from luvverly people

What can I add...?

I suppose for me it's just escaping from whatever is bringing me down.

Read some of my most beautiful books
Ride my motorbike and sing like a loon with the throttle cranked ALL the way open.
Potter around the garden and wonder why plants never seem to get the blues.
Play all those tunes that I love but never really get round to listening to anymore.
Watch The Comic Strip/Bladerunner/Winnie-the-Pooh/Withnail videos
Phone my folks
Go out and get hammered with my mates
Wander through the woods at night
Play the guitar/drum (both exceedingly badly but at least it makes me appreciate people who can do them well)
Mix a VERY large G&T and spend some time getting to know it
Hug complete strangers (WARNING: you can get arrested for this one)

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Kittytheravequeen 285 posts
Location: down the bottom of the garden,england

well i.........
-skank around to reel big fish
-go for a picnic in the sun
-have a snowball fight
-make tapes for my friends
-paint pictures for my boyfriend
-make home movies
-paint my house

i'll draw you a picture ill draw it with a twist ill draw it with a razorblade ill draw it on my wrist and if i do it right a red fountain will appear washing away my sorrow washing away my fear

Cassandra 4,224 posts
Location: Back in Paris... for now !


I am simply giggling and grinning from just reading all your words, beautiful people... YAY

please please more more more

charles, I have to say thinking of you and your wife also makes ME happy

NYC I d have to say I totally agre with your last one

shine on and please more more more

"I want brown bread... no, that is diesel oil..."
"So I was raised in Europe, where History comes from ..."
"NON !!! La Plume de mon oncle n est pas Bingibangibungi !!!"

AdeSILVER Member
Are we there yet?
1,897 posts
Location: australia

ooooooh, how lovely

when I'm sad or bored I:

* pull out my ideas book and look for a new project, or reflect on past projects
* lie down in the sun
* hug a tree
* walk in the garden, and marvel at the insect life that lives there
* play music very loudly and sing along with it
* imagine my being filling with energy, that is coming up from the earth, expanding and filling me, making my insides all golden yellow, filling me with feelings of peace and love

dromepixie 1,463 posts
Location: Florida

Ah Cass and inspiring posts.... Muah darling!

-going upstairs to stare at my sleeping elf
-have a fit for a bit and then realise that there is nothing to worry about cause all is well in the world!
-go for a walk
-cook for friends (so nice to see smiles on peoples faces)
-people watch
-read a funy book or watch a funny movie!
-go set up for a party or even better go to the party

Genraly I try to get my head in a positive mood somehow... I try to think of all that I have to be happy for and smile. Meditation also helps, seeing someone you love also helps.

much love drome


The_Pirate_Dyke_Boy 1,079 posts
Location: Canterbury, UK

yell, scream and then put on the sunscrean song by baz luhrman. will for ever sort anyones head out if they pay attention to the lyrics

X x X x X

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DTKB 54 posts
Location: Ottawa, Canada

My most favorite thing to do when I need a spiritual lift:

Find the closest piece of water, preferably ocean or the lake by my cottage, and sit quietly staring at the waves and ripples of water, thinking of the power it holds, and the natural energy it gives.... ahhh...

Or spin poi on the beach which is even better.

group hug!!!


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Cassandra 4,224 posts
Location: Back in Paris... for now !

Oh I forgot I also enjoy a smile from a total stranger in the street,that usually lifts my mood soooo much

smile on

"I want brown bread... no, that is diesel oil..."
"So I was raised in Europe, where History comes from ..."
"NON !!! La Plume de mon oncle n est pas Bingibangibungi !!!"

Shibaki 309 posts
Location: Tampa, Fl

funny, sometimes my memory gets the better half of me so i have a few of these things written down where i can get to them in case i am really really sad

` go to the beach sunshine and let the wind caress my skin
- talk to new people, this is amazing because i remember yesterday being blue and just passing shared energy between people i didnt even know lifted me so high
- i do take a nap!!!
- play a game with a friend
- listen to enya or loreena or other beautiful music
- bang my drum
- i COOK!!! this is my meditation!
- go through a list of of special things ive learned but forgotten, like: there is no separation between anything... things like that which have a deepr meaning for me
- read a fantasy or sci/fan novel that i have read 10 billion times before
- be Outside! rollerblade
- take my puppy dogs for a walk
- and ive got to go to school now, latttteeee!!


SpannerBRONZE Member
remembers when it was all fields round here
2,790 posts
Location: in the works... somewhere..., United Kingdom

good thread cass sorry we got off on the wrong foot babe
*take my son to the park, woods, or swimming
*make a cup of the hottest chocolately cocoa (fairly traded of course) and a doobie
*draw a happy picture
(I drew one while listening to imminent war coverage and gave it to my friends for their new house)
*listen to the Levellers and wave my hands like i 'just don't care'
*call my mum and have a chinwag

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