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Posted:To the poi community,
This came up during an evening of herbal delights, and i thought i would bring it to your attentions, Do you think that really (i mean really) stupid people. Know their been stupid but are too stupid to do anything about it. OR are they so stupid they don't even know their been stupid!! It got me. What do you think??

Love & Peace

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Posted:That was quite confusing!
It quite whipped my head!!! Maybe, stupid people are stupid for a reason! I dunno!?!



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I dont agree with the question..


I like Fire.. :)



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Most people would say that those who choose to spin fire around their head are stupid people.

Are we fit to answer the question?

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Posted:I like that you asked a question about stupid people and filled the question with misspellings.

I think that it is a case by case basis. Some stupid people do know that they are stupid and some do not.
Of those that do, some accept it and act how they are able. Some do not accept it and try their best to either act smarter or work at actually becomming smarter.
Of those that do not, from my experience it seems that ignorance is bliss.

"Stupid is as stupid does."

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vaperloc...the mighty

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Posted:quote:Originally posted by Pele'sWhippingBoy:
"Stupid is as stupid does." I dont care what stupid does as long as he (or she)gets out of my way on the highway!!

I tend to get road rage when dealing with stupid,in turn making myself look and act stupid,which in turn makes someone else get road see where I am going with this?
and it could all be avoided by just getting out of my way!!

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Posted:Actually, for the most part, we are well aware of our stupidity. Granted, there are a precious few who manage to succeed despite their mental deficiencies, but I think, generally, us stupid folk simply accept the limitations our stupidity imposes on us. We know what we are capable of and just stick to that.

I realize how stupid I am, but I put forth massive effort to combat it on a daily basis. I like to think I overcome it most of the time. It doesn't always work, and sometimes I am tempted to wish for sweet, ignorant bliss. But like a fool, we stupid folk keep fighting... we must be stupid...

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Posted:now you see its all how you will actually define stupidity, is it something that you dont find very good to do in oyur personal opinion, or is it that they just simply dont have a very sharp mind? i mean think about it, in my thoughts (which are normally very random) i feel that people who are stupid, dont know that they are,. until they do something/or say something, or dont comprehend on something/ stupid.

does that make sense, never mind, anyway, people who are stupid by act know what they are doing and can either not help it as it is in their nature, or they are doing it for attention!!


Mike Buggins


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