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  Posted: So, while away this weekend I realized something really big for me.

I need to back away from performing. I will still do the things I am booked to do currently. I will still actually take on a few "regular" small shows. But I want to take the time to really define, push, hone, polish and really work on what I have to offer. I realized that I can not do the two things at the same time physically, since I get soooo burned out doing it alone but don't trust alot of people to join me.
Weird huh?

I am working on stuff that I hope to launch down under later in the year.
I just have this overwhelming feeling that this is a perfect time for learning, growth, development and evolution...and that I need to take it.

Do you ever reach that point, in anything?

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  Posted:i feel i know exactly how you feel. im used to a hectic life, especially in the last few years when i think i have, and still am changing alot. normally my life is busy term times then earn money in the holidays.

now this way of life i think is why i have the problems i have now- unsatisfaction, unhappiness. no time for reflection in my day to day life. never really realised how important it was.

so i have made the conscious decision to use my whole 4 months this summer to reflect on my whole life, and especially the last few transitional years. all my chilhood, and teenage life. i dont care about money. because solving my what i thought were problems hasnt made me happy. so its kinda gonna be a holiday for my mind. i have been trying to do it while juggling uni and life and it just cant be done. it is physically and mentally exhausting. i feel exactly how you feel- i suddenly crave this time for personal growth and development, mentally. i want to become a better, calmer person as a result. a stressfull life is turning me into someone i dont like. so yes, im stepping back, and i also see this a an opportunity i must take now. if i dont, my problems will still be there at the end of my day. if not now, probably never- i will always be too busy. i need this. sorry, dull post, but im happy about this decsion of mine and relate to you pele. i say go for it- i think if thats what your body is telling you you need, do it.

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  Posted:I just have this overwhelming feeling that this is a perfect time for learning, growth, development and evolution...and that I need to take it.

I got to that point in my life too Pele, that's why I took up poi!

Sounds like you need some hard core r&r.

Look after yourself & all will be good in your world.

When will you be down under?

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  Posted:yes, iove got to that part in my life, it happens to me every time i go out on my BMX, i feel that i need to push myself that little harder to really achieve something good, and because i love it sooooo much, and thats the essence, if you love it enough to spend the time on perfecting it and so on you will succeed in your aim!


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