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Location: London UK

It will be the summer after school and before I go to university, I'd like to travel somewhere with a few friends fairly like England, urban-ish, green, nice weather, English speaking, and friendly, and a friend suggested New Zealand.

What are the cheapest flights to get there from the UK (London) in July/August?

Where would be the best place(s) to stay/go, given that I want a fairly lazy holiday where I can enjoy restaurants and shops but also culture and parks and pubs and poi and all the good things in life?

I'm not too into mountains and things, and I find beaches a bit... sandy.

How's the weather in July/August? I know it's winter there, but I don't know how wintery that really is...

And anything else that you might suggest that's relevant.

Oh & finally anyone who wants to show me around/poi with me when I get there, that'd be great too!

(Ooh and what're the drinking/driving ages?)

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Location: London UK

Obviously I know I could find out most of this stuff from research, but I find there's no better way than asking people with experience! Plus only you guys will understand the poi angle!

(perhaps you could say "poi related needs"...)

Thanks guys!

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Location: Brisbane, Qld, Australia

okay... just gonna give you my humblest opinion..

I've been to New Zealand only once....for about 4 weeks. I loved the place. What I remember most about it is:

(a) the mountains... SOOO many of them!
(b) the rain (man...there is SO much rain in New Zealand... there IS a reason why its called land of the long white cloud... ) 6 metre annual rain fall in Doubtful Sound or something?
(c) the deserted beaches...
(d) rain
(e) the hiking
(f) driving 4000 km around the south island and completely falling in love.
(g) did I mention rain
(h) some really really lovely warm people.
(i) the freeeeeeezingness !!!!
(j) oh... and of course the rain

I avoided the cities (although on the south island I didn't see anything that really resembled a city ) okay okay I know Brisbane is not a city either. But I don't like densely populated areas at this stage in my life - I think their so stagnant and boring.

There's definitely so much uninhabited seemingly untouched 'wilderness'.

I went in August/September. It rained a lot... I think it rains a lot anytime of year though.. ummm.. its cold ...although I hear it gets bearable during summer.

Man..just go read a New Zealand Lonely Planet...that'll tell you lots IT will also mention rain.

Anyways... electrical storm brewing I must be off less my body gets tingly and sparkly...

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Location: bristol,uk

ok...ive gotta go in a minute but favourite bits of my 2 months in NZ

1) Wanaka- great cycling and a pretty place. be carefull of the seagulls- they ate my one and only very expensive cooked brekki there. damn them!

2) queenstown- its an amazing place, also the 4 different bungy jumps- awesome, and also visted milford sound from there and stayed down there for a night aswell. also went on the big pretty boat(kind of like a tiny titanic!) you always see there which i think is aimed at over 60 yr olds but was a nice relaxing day out!

3) i heard so mnay great things about Duniden(sorry about all the terrible spellings) from all travellers but never made it there and regret that. its very english aparently so you will like it!

4) Kaikoura (probably my favourite place in NZ)--stay in Duskies lodge--it has a jakusi on the wooden deck with the backdrop of the mts..ahhh. wanted so much to swim with seals there, apparently amazing, but was cancelled(can also swim with dolphins). but my most moving experience in the whole of nz was going whale watching- we left really early morning and the weather was beautiful and seeing such a magnificent creature in the wild was so incredible. also a seal colony there to go see.

4) auckland- beautiful city, very cosmapolitan if thats the right word, very beautiful. go up skytower, and also there are a few spinners who meet at a market in auclland, something like spitfields market- look it up on hop.

5) the bay of islands is so AMAZING. take a boat trip out to the hole in the rock which also takes you to a few islands - we found our own huge, pristine beach to do abit of nudy bathing :-)

ok gotta go...have a lecture. but you have to go away. it was the best thing i ever did- and nz is incredible- go there before the human race or the sheep overun the place! will post more detailed info and my kind of itinery, but this is a toursits view- there are a few hop new zealanders who will probably give better advice.

happy planning(im so excited for you!)
holly x

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