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Posted:Hi there fellow Poi-ers,

I hope someone can help me here...

I'm looking for a house share going, somewhere in the London (or immediately surrounding areas) for the intermediate future (at least 6 months, maybe as long as 2-3 years).

Let me tell you more about myself....

I'm currently 20 years old, female, non smoker, addicted to poi and most things related. I work, full time, as a lab technician at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

I'm looking for cheaper accomodation that what I'm at present living in. Location is not so much of a problem, I need decent tube/rail/bus/DLR connections into Central London for work, but I presently have a zone 1-4 travel card, so anywhere in that area I'll consider.

I'm looking for some like minded people that don't mind the odd eccentricity I have (for example setting myself on fire, throwing sharp objects at things or trying to decapitate them with a 25"piece of steel).

If you have, or know anyone, with a spare room and a sympathectic attitude, please either reply to this thread, or e-mail me directly @

Many thanks for you help

Abi Johnson

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Posted:Gosh, flats are expensive in the UK. I'd like to move out of my studio as it's getting a bit too small with a baby. But one bedroom flats are so expensive. And why are two bedroom flats or even three bedroom houses not that more expensive.?
Anyone interested in sharing cause I might just end up doing that. Rent something with two or three rooms and then search a flatmate.

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Posted:Three bedroom places tend to be the cheapest option, not much more expensive than a two bed, and two people to share bills with makes it quite affordable to live. smile We have to move in January and are looking for a three bedroom place in Brighton and a third housemate, most financially viable option. smile

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