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Just wanted to tell any Canterbury folk or local juggling/spinning people that the Uni of Kent juggling society is back on, meeting Wednesdays at 6pm at Rutherford College bar. PM me if you need directions.

Thought that others could add their info about their juggling societies at unis so that any shy lurkers might find out about their local uni juggling society.... if they didn't already know.

If you're not a student go join your local uni juggling society anyway and if your uni hasn't got a juggling society .... start one!.... and go and chuck more stuff about. juggle weavesmiley



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Oxford uni Juggling Society ,

#Where: Wesley Memorial Hall on New Inn Hall Street - off George Street. (uni parks during summer)

#When: Monday 4.45pm-6.45pm.

Oxford Brookes Circus Society

#Where: Headington Campus, the Venu, Student Union.

#When: Thursday 8pm +

East Oxford Juggling Club (not a uni thing)

#Where: East Oxford Community Centre, 1st floor (Cowley Road, opposite 'The Corridor')

#When: 8pm - 10ish

Blinded by Hyperlights, please donate generously grin

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Madison Area Jugglers (Madison, WI)

Sundays, 3ish-6ish.
During the colder months, we're indoors in the Humanities building, room 3650. During the summer, we're out on Library Mall.

Thursdays, 7ish-whenever.
Chilly weather location: the lower dining hall of the First Congregational Church. Summer location: Library Mall.

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Cambridge University Juggling Association (CUJA)

Non-Https Image Link

PM me if you would like to be added to the Prometheus Fire Troupe's mailing list - we practise regularly in Cambridge, but the venue shifts so often, mailing lists are the only way to keep abreast of things.

Temporary website:

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Southampton Uni has a circus soc!

Solent Uni in Southampton also has one but it's just restarted so I know very little about it.

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