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Posted:Hi, Im a youth worker/poi beginner and am encouraging a group of young people to try spinning..........there was talk on the forums of spinners nights at longleat ,heavens gate. and would like to inspire the group by having them amazed by public spinning.Do the longleat meets still occur.......or maybe theres wiltshire spinners who`d like to join us in warminster on monday nights for an hour or so.........

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Posted:They could still be spinning, they might just not have any active HoPpers, is it near enough you could pop down around the time you last knew they used to meet?

if it's an outdoor thing usually though they may have gone into hibernation..

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Posted:There are meets in Swindon run by JTJ... i dont know if thats any help at all? xxx

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Posted:thanks for the replies........I cant find any evidence of poipeople still meeting at longleat heavens gate,and the hibernation theory is very sound.so i`ll continue to meet with one or two others ,behind the atheneum theatre,Warminster from 7-30 on monday nights.