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Posted:Folks, just wanted to ask you whether this is actually a good thing, or a subdivision of the CIA... is collecting signatures for a petition to be handed to Mr. President in order to avoid military confrontation... No idea whether it works, no idea whether one gets himself on the axis of evil, when subscribing...

What you reckon?

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Posted:do online petitions EVER work??? ubblol

i know they are not admissable in court as they can so easily be faked


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As if anyone in government would actually listen to a petition either.

2 Million people marched in London and Tony Blair still went to war.

Its as pointless as throwing stones at the sun. rolleyes

 Written by: The Rub

These days on the street you hear all kind of interesting conspiracy theories cos no-one knows what the [censored]'s going on, we're all looking for explanations
The most interesting one I heard the other day was that the West was controlled by genuine democracies that actually represent the will of their populations
Only the one about the aliens, the anti-Christ and the Freemasons is more laughable. Ha ha ha ha.


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