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Posted:erm, i was just checking some stats from my server, and came accross some search strings people have used and found my site have fun i added some humour for randomness.

1 20 4.22% shark <
2 16 3.38% drums
3 11 2.32% dinosaur <
4 10 2.11% fazer owners club < motorbikes?? what.
5 10 2.11% home publishing
6 10 2.11% sky <looks up!
7 8 1.69% david beckham jokes < i hate football.
8 8 1.69% yamaha owners club unofficial < what more motorbikes?
9 7 1.48% beckham jokes
10 6 1.27% %22dinosaur%22 < their all dead get over it, i havnt got any.
11 6 1.27% football jokes <how many times, i hate football.
12 6 1.27% pikemen <is that a kind of inbreed of a man and a fish?
13 5 1.05% anthony rougier <who? dont remember him.
14 4 0.84% %22grand lodge <yeah i dont mind if you give me one.
15 4 0.84% bitza bike taunton somerset uk <do i look like a shop? and a motorbike shop?
16 4 0.84% head shave or shaved or shaving <
17 4 0.84% port vale fc < give it up will ya.
18 4 0.84% sleep <yeah deprevation, i love HoP.
19 3 0.63% 1998 kawasaki zx6 owners clubs <now you getting on my nerves with the bikes, we spin fire.
20 3 0.63% a mid summer night's dream <nope i dream of my soul mate


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Posted:I really wanted to figure this one out. Like maybe there's a motorcycle or jet ski site that's close to poiinthepark but I found none.


I did find some damn random links though. For example, let's say you are looking for a kawasaki jet ski... you'd go to this site:

Dale's Jet Sports

See if you can find a link to Home of Poi from there! It's there! (On the right side in small letters!) So some poor jet skiing soul is one click away from jetskis to this site. RANDOM! Then they get here assuming that it's another jetski site and search for kawasaki. And we all laugh at them.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]


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Posted:lol how did i find this site i was looking for football jokes r us!

random strange and weely weird

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Posted:I was looking at my site statistics, and I discovered a link from a Tattooing web site to my site. I guess somebody saw the body art section and (understandably) thought it was tattooing. I won't ruin their day by telling them only a few of those are actual tattoos, most is just me drawing on people and myself.

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