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Posted:Fire, Juggling and Stilt retreat
-------10-12 November-------

Highly Flammable is running their twice annual retreat. This is their sixth time at organising such an event and each time it has been a huge hit! This three day event offers workshops on fire staff, fire poi, juggling, stilt walking and unicycling! Full accommodation and food included (vegetarian). If you are interested in taking part tickets are only $50.

Anyone is welcome - from beginners to pros, so come along, have some fun and meet some fellow spinners!!!

If interested contact me at ---hope to see ya there!


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I dont arrive in Orc-hole until the 27th - so shal miss it
But good luck with it and I hope to catch up with you guys on the way through sometime in Dec or Jan - inbetween shows at Woodford and elsewhere in Oz and NZ
Peas out

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