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Forums > Social Chat > Spinning in public show for the first time. Need advice.

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Posted:I'll be performing the evening show at the Indian Summer Heritage Festival in Helena, Texas October 21. This will be my first time spinning fire for an audience and I was wondering if anyone had advice or words of wisdom. I'm also in the process of coreographing a routine, so any general tips with that would be appreciated, too.

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Posted:a show just by yourself? theres a lot involved in a good show. you need some good music (tells story) that has a good ending. what toys are you using?
when i started i just put my head down and played, thats boring. so make sure you interact a bit with the audience or other people your doing the show with. umm...do tricks your confident with and have fun! dance around lots and make it entertaining.


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Posted:this has lotsof helpful advice that may be able to help you

best of luck oh and its the best feeling ever when you have finished hug best of luck

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Posted:Thanks for the link. My show will be a four-minute routine, and I have picked out the music for it. I'm still working on a few parts, but for the most part, I have the whole routine down. This will be a very straightforward performance. I'll be introduced, the music will start, I'll start, the music will stop, I'll finish, and hopefully everyone will be nice and un-burned. They might even applaud.


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