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This is to the few Finns on this forum or other spinners visiting Finland. This month we're organizing a workshop on contact staff and staff juggling. The date is not confirmed yet. It's mainly for the firetroupes Flamma and I guess a few are coming from Polte. Anyway if you have interest in it please contact and we'll see if we can fit more people in there. The prize wont be much.

Also it would be good to know how many people are interested in workshops to keep orgainizing them in the future also.

Antti Suniala

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Hurrah, Hurrah!!!

Finally the uber-meisters are passing on some of their skills at home...

About time biggrin

Good luck Antti - hope they go really well and you develop a nation of ridiculously talented Finnish contacty-types.


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send you best luck for your workshop.... biggrin
and some shining of this german october sun wink

and a thank for sharing time in busking, beiing teached and eating noodles this summer ubblol hug

until next time
josh ubbrollsmile

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i'd be very interested in learning some stuff from you guys, me and a friend are thinking about going to finland next summer

I like Languages.

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i am always willing to learn from you.....hug

would even come to finland if i find more spare time

- Ho Sa -
kisses & peace & love to beautiful madges
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