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Hello there good people in the world,
At the 8/9/06 we had the first big fire gathering and that was amazing. You can check it out in this link(I will have more photos and video the next time):
Also, we will meet next Friday the 13(?!), I mean 13/10/06 so if any of you are here already or on the way or thought about coming to Israel but not sure, come over to join us to a great evening at the drum beach in Tel Aviv. For more details: gal gal esh, 052-3597993,
See you on fire.

Smile to the fire, and the fire will smile back!!!

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Mazel Tov! and the like...

Chief adviser to the Pharaoh, in one very snazzy mutli-coloured coat

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ill be there along with a friend who couldnt make it last time.

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