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Posted:I keep a journal blog thingie on tribe, and this is one segment I wanted to share here, cause it seems to me that it ties into my spinning life in so many different ways.The people who helped are both gorgeous spinners, and I found the book I mention while in Tara with Solas, which was a spectacular day full of amazing trees , ideas, rain and people...

I would love to know others experience with finding their own balance, how they have learned to cope , and better yet, thrive- dance!!!
I have been thinking about something I read recently in a very beautiful book- Eternal Echoes, by John O'Donohue. Thoughts about burdens. How we survive, and manage to continue on even when we feel that what we have been given to carry is far beyond our strength to do so... He points out that ( metaphorically) perhaps it is not the size or weight of a burden that determines our ability to carry it. That it may be more crucial to consider how we balance our burden; to evaluate and adapt the form we hold and the posture we take in assuming it. Example: You can try carrying something heavy , just one big bucket, say. Awkward, hard to walk. Hits your ankles, twists your back- you suffer from distortion. Yet, double the weight, carry two buckets - but balance it on a even bar, shouldered in such a way that leaves you clear for movement- and suddenly, you are not overwhelmed by your load. The appropriate method of balance frees you to sustain yourself longer, accomplish more, perform the task faster, or simply with greater harmony...juggle

I have, in the last few years, often wondered when I was going to break. How much, before I crack? Death(s), murder, disaster, betrayal, maddness, illness, robbery, tsunami, fire, fights- I felt like I was rapidly getting intimate with all the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!eek Kept thinking surely I had hit the limit of what I could bear, then was given more. Kept going- though believe me, there were days I did not feel like it. I did at one point make a rather desperate plea for help, and was very blessed to receive it from a good friend( two, really- a beautiful firey french girl stayed til he could arrive).hug I think it may have saved my life. Sharing the burden- another way of looking at distribution, or balance. One of the true joys we have in life, our friends and community, the support we offer each other, like a dance -lifting and shifting one another to better reach the stars. I am grateful for that .

Some people think it requires strength to carry a heavy burden. I certainly have never seen myself as particularly strong- though there is definately no lack of obstinance, which may come across that way! Upon reflection, I think what has served me well is not strength at all, or stubbornness, but rather, an instinctive emerging awareness of the need for mental, physical, spiritual balance. ( And good friends!) I like the suggestion that what we need to cultivate is just this, balance and flexibilitydeveloping innovative methods of carrying ourselves, and each other, joyfully sharing the entire weight of the world.biggrin biggrin
Maybe thats why I like jugglers, spinners, dancers and acrobats so much?

Good night for now,
wishing you love

"God *was* my co-pilot, but then we crashed, and I had to eat him..."

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Posted:I couldn't agree more, andrea... I've been driving myself to the brink of insanity, occasionally lately, with too much work... nothing nearly like what it sounds like what you'd been going through (hug) but still throws my whole life out of balance...

what is now more than 3 weeks (almost) straight of surviving on 3-4 hrs sleep, because I'm working from home after I finish my day job breaks me down after a while. only thing that keeps me going is connecting with friends... I allowed myself a day on my birthday sunday before last to recharge and went to juggle tonight for the same reason...

we all need a chance to balance things out and connect with good friends...

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Maybe thats why I like jugglers, spinners, dancers and acrobats so much?

I have to add drummers to that list (hand drummers as in djembe)... I've met lots of wonderful people in the drumming world... seem much the same as the spinning community...

none of this was nearly as coherent as I'd hoped, but I felt compelled to respond...

hug ubblove hug ubblove hug

--pogo (pat) [forever and always]


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Posted:I think I've spent my whole life looking for that balance.

And if you find a way to balance the burden, how do you balance the absence of that burden? the joy and the happiness? I remember when I was very young my parents taking me to a carnival and warning me not to get to excited becasue i would pay for it later. I guess I've been unbalanced for a long time. Or very balanced...

The more I grow, the more I realise that there is so many things I can do that help me deal with the things that life will throw at me. Mental and physical, there is a myriad of possibilities. Which is maybe why I havent tried any of them. Still the search goes on and I am convinced that inner peace is just around the corner, indeed I have found it more than once and that seems to be that. It fades, I lose the vision... I learn something new and grow another bit. I am chaotic, just like the world and no matter what the world is always going to be able to throw something at me that I am not prepared for. So I learn... I wonder, if I would learn so much if I didnt feel the bads times as deeply as I do.

I think you are a wonderfull person andrea, full of love and joy and mischief. Its always a pleasure to be in your company even thinking about your happy face brings a smile to mine. You remind me to take pleasure out of life where its possible and to open my heart a little more.

Dessert first smile

Love is the law.


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Posted:yes, Pogo69, I would surely include drummers... !!!!

ubblove Drumming always gives a sort of heartbeat to soothe and follow, and at the same time stirs us up, to give motivation and stimulation to get up and move!


Ado, thanks so much. You are a joy to me too.. Yay! Dessert first! ( you just never know what may happen to interupt the meal wink) Wonder if 2bags kept that up too? But I think the other guys felt it interfered with their consumption of the Guiness though...beerchug


I have been thinking about some of what you wrote, about the extremes- getting too excited, paying for it later... I feel like the "balance" in my own life has been too much extremes. " swinging like a mad parabola" someone once told me. Not me, emotionally, so much as the actual events.Some of it was statistically impossible to be happenning the way it did!

It has been mellower now, not such big drastic chaotic events to deal with--though we all had a nervous laugh when Thailand began their military coup--- I must have got a gazillion calls: "OMG You are not going over there to do anything, are you? " lol.

I did have a little moment of panic and disbeleif when my Thai friends phones got cut off, just after they emailed me about the tanks in the streets... but have long since learned not to react to such things, and chilled out. ( things there are fine)

I do think we learn through the bad times. Like in poi, when it hits your face, you think, ah, what was that about? How to I align myself, or my poi, better? Try again... Thats where the stubborness fits.

Growth, how does it feel for you? are you aware as it is happenning? If you feel your burden, can you consciously adjust your posture- attitude, approach- to help yourself be more comfortable with it? Ever tried?

But I have also been learning through the good times, and really sinking into them. I always did, but now, I sink in and try to expand them, stop time, just be immersed.Let it permeate me.

The way this connects to poi/staff/juggle-- I realized it is balance, alignment,patterns, symmetry, harmony... All the same things we work with on the physical level, we can work with mentally and spiritually. And timing, well, timing is everything when it comes to burdens, coping, balance, adjustment wink

I have observed this right at the start of poi spinning, largely due to Nicks inspiration.hug But every once in a while the depth and beauty of the gift these tools offers us truly amazes me. So many possibilities opening up!



Thanks for sharing !and Ado- just noticed your signature. Very appropriate!

"God *was* my co-pilot, but then we crashed, and I had to eat him..."