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Posted:Hello everyone, I was just hopeing to get some feedback on opening up an online store specifically geared toward flame retardant clothing for fire performers. using materials such as nomex,aramid and various other blends also includeing leather. I'll be in a good position soon to do this and i was just wondering what people thought about this and if it sounds like something poi enthusiasts would be interested in.
thanks for your time biggrin

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Posted:I think that market might be too specialised. Open it up a bit more so you cater for people in other sports who might need it too, like car racers, possibly go the "safety store" route and get in foundry clothes and you'll have a much wider market.

I personally wouldn't specifically buy fire-proof clothes because I consider that if you think you need them, you shouldn't be playing with fire.

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Posted:Alternatively you could market yourself as a store that sells very funky clothing, including performance outfits, that just happen to be in all natural fabrics (ie. good for spinners). You could then have a special line in the more intensive stuff, or even have a service where you treat the clothing so it becomes flame-retardant.

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