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Frederick the Reckless
Frederick the RecklessBRONZE Member
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What is your favorite picture of yourself performing? If you have a photobucket account or something similar, you should be able to link the picture in your reply so that it shows, without eating HoP's bandwidth. (mods, if I am mistaken, please inform me, and delete this thread. No inconvenience was intended.)
Personally, here's mine. It's a shot of me using double firewhips at a show promoting a bar in Portland, Or.

Non-Https Image Link

Frederick the Reckless,
Troupe Leader,
Fire and Steel

TotalEclipseGOLD Member
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Location: Nr Petersfield, United Kingdom

Well all of Hyperlights are (SHOCK!) hyperlights, which he has yet to complete...still prototypes.

My Led Poi are the glow LED wands off this site, in red/orange/green. 30 for a box of ten I believe, which is enough for staffs galore...

poigmarmite and nutella sandwich
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My Poi are from, called alternator Poi. 35 (for all us brits)

THE hop Pyro.
(with parents)

Sambo_FluxGOLD Member
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Mine is Here

One of the first fire photos I ever did, and my Dad took it. Ahhh, he's great, my dad is. biggrin

I should have some nice flower ones on the way, when I can be bothered...

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Frederick the Reckless
Frederick the RecklessBRONZE Member
Troupe Leader and founder, Fire and Steel
241 posts
Location: Oregon, USA

A couple recent favorites:

Non-Https Image Link

Non-Https Image Link

Non-Https Image Link

I ubblove this photographer's work.

Frederick the Reckless,
Troupe Leader,
Fire and Steel

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no one photographed me in a way i would like so i wont show you any of my photos biggrin they all suck!

Are you as bored as me? smile
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WooktasticBRONZE Member
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This one of me, simple I know, but I likes it.

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k8etSILVER Member
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i'm trying to decide, i had some great shots this weekend by a photographer. so far i like this one a lot

Non-Https Image Link

hunnybear nj 06-16-07 copyright abjectphoto

the rest of my favorites (so far, he has a few left to process) by him are here
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aka hunnybear in burning man circles
avatar: hunnybear - nj - 06/16/07 (c) abjectphoto

Magic Monkey Juice
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Originally Posted By: WOFTBackgarden spinning...

Non-Https Image Link

Amazing and pretty... Any advice on how to do this?
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hold'em up - start exposing - swing further up and separate to join on bottom - stop exposure... would be my clue smile

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Live_in_a_spinSILVER Member
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This is mine.

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Sunshine92SILVER Member
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I've got a WHOLE lot of favorite pictures! Too many to pick one! So I'll show you the few I enjoy! =D

Sorry for all the pics! Just a bunch of my favorites! Hope you all enjoy! =D

With happiness,



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