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Location: Sheffield, UK

As a circus skills lot I thought you might be interested in this aerial show in Sheffield:

Breakfast at Audrey's

Greentop Circus Centre

0114 244 8828

Thursday 21st September 2006

1.30pm + 8pm

6.50 / 4.50

How do you represent Audrey Hepburn on stage? By placing her in a trapeze, high above the world where she can be both fragile and strong as Hepburn was in life.

BREAKFAST AT AUDREYS uses a circular trapeze to explore the connections between female beauty and thinness.

Hepburns beauty had its costs. Starved as a child in occupied Holland, she battled with eating disorders throughout her life. She gave up Hollywood at 38 to concentrate on being a mother. Finally as an old, frail lady she felt compelled to re-enter the media glare in her relentless campaign to bring an end to starvation in Africa.

This production is by BANDBAZI - an award-winning, multicultural performing arts company based in Brighton. They use aerial circus, music and theatre to create new and original plays that draw on real-life human dilemmas. As a UK touring company, BANDBAZI is committed to increasing access for all to the skills, drama and excitement of theatre. See their website for further details.


This meditation on eating disorders and mother-daughter relationships is beautifully directed by John Binnie, with Philippa Vafadaris breathtaking performance elegantly offset by Cara Kelly as both mothers

The Scotsman

The play is laugh out loud funny and deeply movingDont miss it.

The Herald

Philippa Vafadari gracefully performs with a trapeze hoop, emphasizing Hepburns elegance and both her and Hollys isolation

The List

Its about obsession, mother-love and anorexia and how those three things circle around each other like rats in a trapa beguiling success

The Times

Two narratives interweave as elegantly as Vafadari swings on her trapeze

The Metro

Booking Details

There are limited places available for each show, we recommend you reserve your tickets early.

Call the Greentop box Office on 0114 244 8828 for further details.

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