OK anyone out there put together fire moves with capoeira or other acro stuff? We're vaguley doing stuff here with one handed cartwheels with fire and the like but flips, walkovers, all got to be possible with acro and capoeira what do you think?

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Sounds feasible, and awesome to see. I read somewhere a day or two ago about this girl doing some crazy stuff with her glowsticks. I think it might have been on She was doing something like a butterfly between her legs then flipping over and landing on her back then spinning horizontal with the ground then just continuing her way to stand up still doing the bfly.

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in ecuador in this tiny sleepy, fishing, surf town, i watched these boy all do capoeira and fire poi. thanks where i picked up the staff and chains. now i'm addicted to the fire, and i do have 10 years martial arts behind i'm thinking, damn straight its all possible!!!!

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There used to be a guy here in Perth about six years ago who incorporated a lot of flips and the like into his fire routine with staff....

He was pretty damn awesome to watch.

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I do capoeira with my satff and juggling, it's very easy to incorporate as it all flows so beautifully. Martial arts (particularly capoeira) and fire go together like white on rice. In a few weeks I'll be able to point to me doing it on youtube to further explain what I'm driving at here.

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been trying to imcorpriate capoeira into a bit of contact juggling at the moment.. badly but its happening... also doing a lot of poi through the leg stuff through capoeira smile

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