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Posted: Written by: wildfowl and wetlands trust web site

National Mud Festival of Wales
Saturday 9 September - Sunday 10 September

Celebrate the muddy side of wetlands, including walks along the estuary, mud sculptures, talks and much more. Enjoy the world of mud with OR without getting dirty! Normal admission fees apply. For further information please telephone 01554 741087.

How can you celebrate the world of mud without getting dirty?? eek

I saw a flier for this event in town yesterday and it looked way more fun than the website does. They have tug of war and they allow you to wallow and make sculptures all in the mud. So, if you are a hippo or just love mud I think it's worth a visit and it supports the local Wetfowl and wetlands park into the bargin, which can't be bad. ubbrollsmile

This is the WWT's website with all the information.

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If you come along, you might see me there. I'll be the one covered head to toe in sticky mud ubbrollsmile

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Posted:woah... i didn't know there was a specific mud festival! (apart from every festival held in Wales, maybe biggrin) mud sculpturing sounds fun indeed! Might see you there

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