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Posted:hello beautiful people

as most of you know I have been on the move for the past 3 months travelling around the world

I have met many many people, some for a minute, some for longer.

Travellers ask eachother the same questions : where are you from ? how long ? why ? when ? and every now and then you get into deeper conversations.

I love many people on and off line , I really do. I only have a few close close friends I trust though which is all right and does not mean any less of my otehr relationships.

I spent a few hours with a lady in guatemala chatting and I felt this was less superficial than the relationship I have with most members of my family for example...

So I was wondering (WOW... FINALLY the frog gets to the point ) what is superficial ? how do you define superficial relationships ?

is it the amount of time you know someone ? the subjects of conversations ? Do you think you are less superficial with someone cause you know ? tell them some personal stories ?

I quite enjoy those random encounters, just as I enjoy interacting here with people, even just once... does that make a person superficial ?

Sometimes it is comfortable, sometimes frustrating...

I have some ideas and opinion but would like to hear your input first ...

Much love

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Posted:i take every instance more intently and wiser than i have been brought up to do, i see life as a precious thing, every moment is an instance of my whole life. every one i know online or off i love pretty much the same. i have a few more closer friends some of whom i have had the pleasure of meeting though hop, but these are all friends.
the one true friend and the one i entrust with all my secrets and my life, is my best mate, my soul mate and my one true love.
i meet so many people in my daily existance and i great them all the same, dependant on the greeting i recieved from them.
i hope i leave an impressional imprint on many peoples lives that i meet, that is one of my aims in life and i hope i meet a lot of old and new friends as my existance in this void continues.


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Posted:I don't think anything that you (as in a person) put energy, consideration or thought into can be considered superficial.

Any interaction with another human where you share part of your true self isn't superficial. Perhaps buying a Slurpee from the guy at the 7-11 and haveing a 30 second chat about how busy your day is while you wait for your Eftpos transaction to be approved is superficial, but as soon as you share a look with a person; really let them see into your eyes and you into theirs, it isn't superficial.

There are different levels, is all. You can't be best friends with everyone, and you can't share your sacred essence of energies with everyone... Not everyone is a kindred spirit, and that's okay.

One thing that I have learnt in my travels and my interaction with people is that it's really important to cherish what time and connection you are honoured to have shared, rather than regretting the loss of something that didn't occur.

Put in what you can and make a difference when you can share your energy, but don't think less of yourself for not being able to put in 110% all the time.

Every single relationship you have with every single person is entirely unique.

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Posted:This is a tough one...

I know that Cass and I have discussed this quite a few times. I know I can't possibly offend her but will offer some delicacy none-the-less.

The problem with the word superficial is two fold.

Firstly, there are more than one actual definition of the word. Literally it means to only scratch the surface, have little meaning, or not have great depth. All three of these things are quite different when describing personal interactions. It's easy to have a short, meaningful conversation that is in depth BUT only concerns a small portion of a person's existance. I wouldn't call that 'superfical'.

Secondly, the word 'superficial' when describing someone is usually used as an insult because you're implying a lack of depth or importance.

I know that Cass and I differ greatly on our personal interactions. I certainly wouldn't call her superficial.

The genuineness and importance that you place on each of these interactions, however brief or fleeting, is what separates it from being superficial.

Actually, that sentence is exactly what I think so I'm gonna stop when I'm ahead. Just reword that a few times, give some examples and that'd be the rest of my post.

On a personal note, Cass, you are certainly one of the most genuine, thoughtful, introspective and considerate souls I've ever met. You spread joy to lives of whom you only briefly touch and empower and enlighten those who have the honor of truely knowing you.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
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