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perhaps this?

does look fun biggrin

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PerrafordeBRONZE Member
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Oh that looks like fun! clap

*sits to ponder where to get 8 treadmills from*

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LarrySILVER Member
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watch it without the sound on for the first time!

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lilith_in_londonSILVER Member
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that was really cool! incidentally, did you see the zelda theme tune on a theramin? it's on the same website, incredible clap

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BansheeCatBRONZE Member
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hmmn, somehow this makes me think of a comment and a picture by my younger brother...

" Treadmill, and a unicycle. Not neccessarily the most compatible of objects."

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LokiiBRONZE Member
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Music vid. producers should take note!

roarfireSILVER Member
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That's awesome!

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TabtI Doubt, Therefore I Might Be
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ive seen that before, it looks so fun!!! does anyone have some treadmills i can come play with?? biggrin

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That band are the most view musicians on YouTube and there totaly awesome!

check out there other songs -

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BirgitBRONZE Member
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teehee... I wonder how many practice runs they had to do? smile

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that's what i wondered, i imagined quite a few bloody noses and twisted ankles...

i'd love to see the unicycle on a treadmill though biggrin

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that was a very clever video bounce2 clap

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PeleBRONZE Member
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They performed it on the VMA's on MTV and it is a HUGE video on MTV and VH1 here.
They said it took them a month to get right, because, after all, they are just music geeks....not jocks.

I want to go to the gym and do some rearranging. wink

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Bek66Future Mrs Pogo
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That is totally cool and looks like it would be alot of fun!

It is quite amazing all of the uses for exercise equipment that are not advertised...though the gods know, maybe we don't need to be informed of all of the ways they are used!

Oh, well. Still looks fun.

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