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Posted:Heyyo lovely playful folks!

Jen and Jon are having a housewarming ~

We've planted ourselves on just under one quarter of an acre, and with no fence at the back (just trees) it joins onto a park. So there's PLENTIFUL PLAYSPACE for you, friends, toys, instruments, being a bit crazy or just taking a few chilled breaths.

Sat night 9th Sep (night after next Spring moonfest). Keeping with the spring theme, bring all things spring-like (yes slinkies welcome... and if you really want to attach a springboard to a tree and have a pool of people catch you, knock yourself out... well not literally of course).

Anyhoo! bring toys, instruments, drinks, fruit for choccy fondue, a flower, a garland, a candle, whatever you want to celebrate the return of spring and light, good friends and good fun.

Come in the afternoon if you want (from about 4pm onward) for a sun play or just lay about under the trees. There's a woodfire bbq in the park which may as well be my backyard. Kids welcome (playset/swings there too).

PM for full address & phone number, or email me. It's at Camp Hill (just past Stones Corner/Coorparoo). Easy-peazy to get to by public transport. 15 mins max from town on 200BUZ (also nightlink service so you can get home in the wee hours - yay for not being stranded! Crashing space too if you need it).

See you on Spring Weekend!
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