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hi everyone, i live in hong kong (back from uni in UK for summer) and have only been able to find methylated spirits to spin with. seems to be alright, if a bit weak.
i finally got my hands on some paraffin, and seeing sa i had both fuels at hand, last night i tried spinning with a 4:1 paraffin - methylated spirits concoction, with less-than-promising results.

they caught lit very easily, and were OK for the first couple seconds. however they soon began to spit, with little crackling explosions going off from the edges of the fire heads. the flame grew in size and intensity, until i got a bit woried and put them out. afterwards i also found a couple splodges of fuel around the area and on my shirt and head: the litle explosions must have sent splodges flying.

anyway, i hadnt seen anything posted up here about (having read the 'fuel' sections on the site many times) that particular mix of fuels, so i thought i'd just let everyone know, and also if anyone else has tried it im curious as to what experiences they had with it? because aside from the fact that it looked and sounded dangerous, the spinning crackles looked pretty darn cool ubblol

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