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CHAOS Dragon

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Posted:I have a question. I have heard of people using Coleman white fuel for blowing, but alot of people do not because of blowback fears, most use paraffin for less blowback, but harder to light.
My question is can I mix them? I am thinking 25% Coleman to make it light easier and 75% Paraffin to cut down on the blowback chances. Would this work ?

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Posted:Before anyone answers this question, please please please remember to make sure you are one hundred per cent certain that what you say is true smile

(What she said wink )

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Posted:I find paraffin easy enough to light. That being said I've only really used that or a paraffin/kerosene mix for blowing. I really don't see the point in mixing Colemans with paraffin and thats not just from a "Colemans will blow back" standpoint. It just seems like more hastle than its worth. If you can get paraffin to light then stick to that.

FRD: I hope that was ok.

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Posted:Never never NEVER use Coleman fuel for breathing..
That crap is [censored]-deadly..
Yes, it ignites quicker and burns very very much hotter.

When breathing there is no other fuel than parafin/lamp-oil.

So please, do not try with Coleman-fuel.

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Posted:Dont try with Colman Fuel.
If your aspiration technique is good enough the paraffin will light easily.
Did you check the MSDS for the fuels you are using?


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Posted:I use a mix for poi not breathing, sorry for the mistake. Paraffin is really easy to light once you get the technique right. The only thing I -ever- mix into my breathing fuel is a small amount of mouthwash to give it a little colour so that it looks different to my poi and staff fuel. Coleman or white gas should only be used for trails, as said by Pele here.

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Posted:Colemans aka white gas / swan lighter fuel not to be used in any form for fire breathing QED, sucessful ignition of refined parafin or lamp oil if using, is a technique issue. Colemans aka white gas / swan lighter fuel appart from being classified as highly flammable and thus likely to form explosive vapours at room temperature, making flash backs highly probable, it also burns on surfaces, unlike parafin which tends to remain on the face at a temperature low enough to inhibit the production of flammable gasses.

Get any colmans on your face at you will ignite the material on the next fire breahing attemp, additionally it is very much more toxic than parafin, and will cause chemical burns to the soft tissue areas of the mouth and muzzle area, including the cornears etc.