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Posted:Now those of you on my Myspace have already read this, but i wanted to share it with the rest of you, recently i pissed off one of the bestest people i have ever met cos i have been completely selfcentered and down on myself, and this has to change!! but im not doing it alone, so i ask this of you all

To all those who like someone, to all those who know they are liked:

Do something about it! Don't just pretend it doesnt exist, don't just nervously laugh through it, Do or Die, No regrets, if you get knocked back at least you know, and its not the end of the world! and if it succeeds then congratulations! you have got whoever you were after and they like you back!! And if you have that person, tell them how much they mean to you!!

Don't lose friendships over failed attempts, it wasn't right, but something is better than nothing, some of my closest friends are people i have had a thing for at some time, and now i wouldnt want it any other way .

They are not a bi*8h/ar***ole cos they don't like you, and you are not either, they have their own feelings too.

Never hate yourself because you are not good enough, you are!

Just be yourself, everyone hates a faker

And most of all

1) LOVE YOURSELF because without that, no-one else will love you.

2) Your friends are the best people you will ever know, and they will always be there for the knockbacks, the sorrows to be drowned, and the celebrations, never forget them!! and thank them every chance you get!!

These are things i have learned throughout the years mainly from one or two people, and i thought i would share them with you. you ARE better than you think, you CAN do anything, and hug the next friend you see, and the one after than, and so on and so on...people dont hug enough!!

Love you all


and now a note to all those people whom i have met over the past year, and the people i am yet to meet, i love you, you guys and gals are family, and i couldnt imagine this place without each and every one of you!!

and to the special ones (you know who you are) i know i can be annoying and frustrating at times, but thank you, eachand every one for putting up with me, and making me a better person!! and in return, anything i can ever do for you, please ask, and i will do my best to help!

"I am nothing original, i am the combined efforts of everyone i have ever known"

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Mr Majestik
Mr Majestik

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Posted:i know i'm not one of the special ones! ubblol

thats sweet, even though its advice everyone hears and nobody listens to otherwise people would stop having to say it ubblol

oh well. smile

"but have you considered there is more to life than your eyelids?"

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Posted:it was a private public apology to someone who means a lot to me smile and i annoyed

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Posted:hear hear, nice one Simon hug

we love you too biggrin

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Posted:some of us love AND own you wink

quite a bargin really 2nd hand caucasian male 18-35 wih 2 careful owners
like new

hug at least you apologised, now I can forgive you for changing your name rolleyes

you're alright Si and we'll see you soon. We all learn from our mistakes. hug

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Posted:Well said!!

Also, can I add, if you tell someone you have feelings for them, and then realise you no longer have these feelings, please let them know.. it is nicer than letting them find out the hard way (reading it in their msn name, or speaking to a friend, etc)

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Posted: Written by: VampyricAcid

it was a private public apology to someone who means a lot to me smile and i annoyed

Why pubicly apologise Whilst the message behind it is clear, you'd do much better to do it in person/or in private... and whilst the sentiment behind it is nice... eh... I jsut don't see the point.

But its none of my business really...


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Posted:Well he said something, and thats more than a lot of people do.

beerchug clap hug

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