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Posted:I know very little about different file types and am trying to find a good free video player for things I have found on the net.

I am told (by the site in question) that RealVideo is a good one. Can anyne tell me if this is free, or ANY other info an video players?


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Posted:No no no no no! Not Realplayer. That's one of those apps that insists on running all the time, taking up resources, sitting in your system tray. It also has ads, and it tracks your your websurfing habits and sends them back to Real. God knows whatever else it's doing as well.

I hate these big bloated programs that people put out these days which try to take over every aspect of your computer. Not every program needs to a system tray, a toolbar, stock tickers, scientific calculators, etc. Just give me a simple app that will do it's job simply and efficiently and then actually be gone when I click close.

I'm afraid I can't offer any other suggestions, though. I haven't really looked around. It's funny this came up though, as I was going to be poking around for simple, free media player very soon. I'm getting pretty sick Microsoft telling me what Christina Agulera is doing everytime I start up media player.

When I find something I'll post it on here. Probably won't be till sometime next week though.



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Posted:I've heard Sasami2k is a good video player, although I have no experiance using it. I use Windows Media Player for .mpeg/.mpg, .asf ,.avi etc., Quicktime for .mov, and if push comes to shove and I really want to see a video I'll use RealPlayer. Anyone who encodes something into a RealPlayer format, unless it's meant to be a small streamed video, loses my respect.


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Posted:i've had and tried almost all players i can find and hate them all.
i only ever use 2:
realone gold.... personal fav.
windows media player 8. << only use this for mpegs.


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Posted:real player anything ugh, parasitic invasive shite
Only use it for real format, If you do install it go through the settings and uncheck everything!!! or it will try to take over your whole m/c
Quicktime I use for MPG types
Windows media player (now 9) for everything else
Divx playa at the moment also for divx codec avi, cos it seems to play them a bit better
winamp, caused probs with whole m/c win2000 so I dropped it


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Posted:I agree with everyone else, I wouldn't recommend Realplayer to anyone unless maybe you were my worst enemy Personnally I just use Windows Media Player and Quicktime. They are reasonably unintrusive and between them you can watch pretty much any video.

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